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FORMER Wigan Warrior and GB Rugby League star Andy Farrell's son Owen is a chip off the old block if his performance in the England U16 warm-up game against Bath U17 Academy side is anything to go by.
Associated with this ligamentous injury is a small chip off the cuboid.
The story line focuses on relationships as Mad Adam fears that he will prove a chip off the old block and abuse his daughters while Spinster Sara courageously confronts him and his phobia.
HE looks like a chip off the block - but children's favourite Mr Potato Head today crossed over to the "dark fried" as he was remodelled as a Star Wars villain.
CHIP OFF THE OLD BODY Shuler coined the term animal-on-a-chip in 1999, when he, Baxter, and their colleagues were devising microversions of Shuler's tabletop setups.
Now watch Bush 43 turn into a chip off the old Gip, especially at nap time
He may have been young but he wasn't a chip off the ol' block like most of his peers.
GOLF: Christopher Nugent has proved he is a chip off the old block by achieving his first hole in one - at the tender age of ten.
The word on Lincoln Chafee, who has succeeded his father, John Chafee as senator from Rhode Island, is that "he's a chip off the old block.
At one point they had to reach outside to chip off ice that had formed on cables, which threatened to crash the balloon.
She's his daughter, a chip off the old block if ever there was one.
And when the Somerset opener raised his bat again at the Basin Reserve, his father celebrated with a bag of chips from the catering stall under the scoreboard - a chip off the old block in every sense.
HIS dad's an expert in polo pratfalls, and Prince Harry is a chip off the old block.
TELEVISION presenter and radio DJ George Lamb revealed he isn't a chip off the old block when he visited Birmingham to launch a fashion extravaganza set to be staged in the city in September.
But it was the quality of his tunes that showed he is a chip off the old block.