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remove or withdraw gradually: "These new customs are chipping away at the quality of life"

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The members of the chapters are working right now to chip away at your business and, in turn, the industry.
A NEW LAW IN UTAH, approved in March, offers one of the latest examples of the anti-abortion effort to limit access to family planning services and thus chip away at a woman's right to choose.
Comparative psychologist Todd Freeberg of the University of Tennessee at Knoxville, who has studied chickadee communication, says that Templeton's work is "really starting to chip away at understanding the richness of the information" that chickadees can communicate.
I'm trying to chip away, chip away, to get back to a ranking I'm comfortable with.
Another way to chip away at that propaganda stink is to quote people outside the company: analysts, trade-publication editors, customers and industry experts.
The Bush strategy, despite its coat of a different color, is to chip away parts of the system until it vanishes or gets pushed down to the states.
But it wasn't long before the competition started to chip away at segments where the newly efficient GM was underrepresented, or absent.
I am a 65-year-old Catholic who has watched society and government chip away at what I was led to believe was the truth--abortion is wrong, same-sex marriage is wrong--etc.
When the sister of a murdered informant (Eva Marie Saint) and a local labor priest (Karl Malden) begin to chip away at Terry's dormant conscience, the small-time hood begins to question the things he and his bosses are doing.
Intuit (Japan) and other Japanese companies are using MBOs to give themselves a semblance of independence; Xavel is pulling in revenue of $1 million a month selling high-quality, brand-name clothing, perfume and accessories to people shopping via their cellphones; IP telephony begins to chip away at NTT's 100-year empire; and Sony tries to rev up the lackluster Aiwa brand.
For years, Annan has encouraged the United Nations and the European Union to chip away at the sovereignty of the nations of Europe.