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Synonyms for chintzy

Synonyms for chintzy

of very poor quality

embarrassingly stingy


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That's as maybe, but Ford has updated the interior from the US car, ditching the chintzy touch-sensitive climate control and improving materials quality.
The clothing brand is addressing the issue of ill-fitting frocks, banishing the frumpy A-lines, stretchy wrap-arounds and chintzy smocks that the truly busty are often restricted to.
He even filmed a chintzy video roll out where he dropped a Shalom and threw up a peace sign.
Between swigs of already familiar "Terry brandy", the Scouse harridan shakily improvises from the confines of her chintzy lounge, before morphing, via wig-change and false teeth implants, into Brenda, one of those deluded office femmes fatales to be universally avoided.
Even the endpapers are beautifully decorated with a floral almost chintzy feel.
That was wild to me, because some of the most interesting dancehall often sounds rough and digitally homespun, relying on the artist's vocal power to carry its chintzy rhythms.
CLASSIC BRITISH KITSCH Nottingham-born designer Sir Paul Smith brought us chintzy fun with the striped knits he is well known for, together with rose prom-frocks and skirts and androgenous pinstripe tailoring.
But after a few hours, as the silly plot rolls along at a steady pace and Hulk's "feats" rack up and unlock new abilities, a certain charm bubbles up from the middling tech, fussy interface and chintzy physics.
giant jackdaw, digging through my mound of chintzy bijoux toward your
We will stock our shelves with chintzy goods and sweet tasting snacks," said the husband.
Whitman noted that private investment firms had in effect rescued nursing homes from an over-litigious society that was chintzy on financial support had, in fact, injected much-needed funding that no one else would provide in today's market.
Other retailers are stocking country-style, chintzy fabrics for garden furniture, for exam pie, 'Bistro sets', including e wrought iron table at 64.
You go on vacation, rent a chintzy, buzzy little economy car with crank windows, cloth seats and all-but-crystal-set radio, and by the second day you discover, lo, you can get along quite fine with your miserable little scrap of a car.
In this acrid close-up, the chintzy decor is interrupted by electrical wiring and a sprinkler head.
The domination of the California Department of Education by the labor unions has also pushed it to disseminate data biased to make our schools' costs appear chintzy and their results far rosier than the harsh reality.