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a style in art reflecting Chinese influence

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Examples of these early, purely chinoiserie designs are found on very few recorded shapes, most of which are teawares, while ornamental wares are exceptionally scarce.
During the first half of the 18th century, when the fashion for Chinoiserie was at its height, it was translated into French, English and Italian.
Or maybe that he is a dedicated collector of Chinoiserie, especially that waning period in the late 18th century.
Perspectives on rococo include the historical background, sanctuaries and faith, the capriccio, the nude and eroticism, fashion, porcelain and chinoiserie, Arcadia, and etchings.
I particularly covet the store's cerise and white Chinoiserie Butterfly bed linen collection in the Pied A Terre range.
He nearly did; inside the final furlong the camera zeroed in on him in the lead, then panned out to show Chinoiserie swooping late to catch him to win by half a length.
While it develops themes taken from classical and Christian mythology, "Imaginary Landscapes," is also inspired by Rococo chinoiserie, though Perez Villalta prefers to mention the influence of Walt Disney.
A touch of chinoiserie was seen at the show, including the Fodo (Oriental Vendors) pattern from Herend.
This gracious urn on a pedestal is a familiar rendition of an 18th-century chinoiserie motif, painted with a crackle finish.
Charles Allen Klein's 25-year-old sets for the Florida Grand Opera offered plenty of gorgeous Chinoiserie, but not much depth.
I wanted it to look friendly and have guests not only be welcomed but received,'' explains Frey of the room she decorated with a Persian rug in golden hues, topped with a round Chippendale-inspired table and huge urn of orchids with pieces of chinoiserie furniture placed in the corners.
There are stone mullion windows, wonderful weathered stone facades in the rosy local sandstone, ornate carved panelling, original tiles, antique Chinoiserie wallpaper, oak joinery and massively thick, medieval stone walls.
Christina Crawford, author of Mommie Dearest, grew up in her mother's Haines-designed home, which featured a long, narrow dining room with four chinoiserie panels and smooth parquet floors.
You were shown a rickety ladder, to find yourself in a ranged row some 4000 wooden blocks ranged row upon row, one above the other, neatly labelled, and carved into every conceivable style -- Neo Gothic and Rococo, Neo Classical and Chinoiserie.