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LONG VOWEL MIDDLE SYMBOL s t a: t s (starts) s t 3: t s (sturts - startles) DIPHTHONG MIDDLE SYMBOL s t el t s (states) s t au t s (stouts) s t eu t s (stoats) s t cI t s (stoits - rebounds, bounces) SHORT VOWEL 2nd and 4th SYMBOLS s I | I s (cilice - hair cloth) k I I k (kellick - a heavy stone used as a substitute anchor on small vessels) k I n I k (quinic - a vegetable acid found in chinchona barks) m I d I m (medimn - an ancient Greek measure of capacity, approx.
Both are found in the bark of the Chinchona tree found in Ecuador (Andes Mountains, South America) (39-41).
Quinine is derived from quinquina bark of the chinchona tree and first showed to be an effective yet unpredictable malarial cure.