chinchilla rat

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ratlike rodent with soft fur and large ears of the Andes

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Along with the chinchilla rat, four new species of frog, one new lizard specie and a new aquatic rodent was discovered.
Among them the chinchilla rat that was believed to be extinct centuries ago was sighted by Robert Quispe, a park guard, in 2009.
Predation on moon-toothed degus and Bennett's chinchilla rats also suggests that Harris' hawks mostly searched for prey in highly vegetated sites.
Diaz (1999) found that mammalian prey accounted for most of the biomass (>97% of all prey) with Bennett's chinchilla rat being most important (19% of all biomass).
It is possible that predation on scansorial small mammals by Rufous-legged Owls in sclerophyllous forests was underestimated because the climbing ability of Bennett's chinchilla rat is not well known.