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dishware made of high quality porcelain

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The chinaware is an art form that began in Byzantine times and reached its zenith under the Ottoman Turks.
The Bureau of Human Resources' Office of Employee Relations (HR/ER) raised more than $1,900 with a white elephant and bake sale that featured donated jewelry, chinaware, artifacts and fabric from around the world, including a Tibetan rug and Syrian tablecloths.
Deema Collection was recently commissioned by London's tableware emporium Thomas Goode to create luxury chinaware by next year.
Emirates said it had recycled tonnes of obsolete aircraft chinaware into an oyster bed in Dubai and applied new air traffic management practices that reduced fuel burn and carbon dioxide emissions.
Old suitcases, well-worn chairs, broken chinaware, a set of wooden drawers from a discarded fitted wardrobe--an oblique sign of Rio de Janeiro's real-estate boom--all attest to the artist's interest in, as she puts it, "the bone of things.
For the launch of spring's new eyewear styles the design team were inspired by all the blue tones so typical of Scandinavia: jeans, traditional Sami costume, the chinaware of Rorstrands, as well as the lakes and the sea.
com CAFE SOCIETY | TRY introducing a ray of sunshine to your early morning coffee hour with Kellogg's quirky vintage chinaware.
Chinese national Boya Wong, 29, who is studying for a PhD at Durham University, said: "Chinaware was made for the high ranking officers and the emperors so the chinaware in the museum is likely to be very elite.
Almost all of the art, chinaware, lighting -- even a handful of dresses -- is for sale, in what is essentially a pop-up shop.
Design elements of the crockery incorporate the traditional decoration techniques of English potters in the Stoke-on-Trent area and involves the use of formal, intricate decorative techniques in a range of bone chinaware.
England's bowlers are back at the same venue, the M Chinaware Stadium, to face Ireland in their third Group B match on Wednesday.
The fact that there are minor gods of such things as decent parking spaces, good tipping, and expensive chinaware is a witty touch.
Modern Go sleek & elegant with contemporary table and chairs then add colour with chinaware in funky shades and vivid furnishings Maple veneer collection pounds 123 for table and four chairs (www.
For example, he sees Baum's unpleasant experiences as a traveling salesman for a firm that sells chinaware as somehow analogous to Dorothy, the Tin Man, the Scarecrow, and the Cowardly Lion's search for the Wicked Witch of the West.