chinaberry tree

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tree of northern India and China having purple blossoms and small inedible yellow fruits

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The rodenticidal potentiality of both neem and chinaberry trees was investigated.
In retrospect, that's probably why many old Alabama home sites had very large chinaberry trees in the yard.
Both the sensuality and the odd note of fantasy--the chinaberry tree "neat as a guinea hen"--would continue as central elements of Welty's fiction, developed from stories like "Livvie," which works, and "A Curtain of Green," which oddly misses its mark, into the richer and riper loam of the subsequent stories that make up The Golden Apples (1949) and The Bride of the Innisfallen (1955).
In Fauset, The Chinaberry Tree & Selected Writings (Boston: Northeastern UP, 1995): 368.
DuCille offers a dazzling reading of Fauset's underaddressed The Chinaberry Tree, in which the heroine Laurentine Strange, a child of an illegitimate and miscegenational union, tries to pass not into whiteness but into respectability, to prove that it is the characters' and the culture's--not the authors'--"class pretensions and standards of propriety and decency that are at issue" in the "bourgeois blues" novels of the 1920s.
A tall chinaberry tree showers fragrance and purple blooms in the spring.
An eleven-year-old orphan, Collin Fenwick, goes to live with his two elderly aunts, Dolly and Verena Talbo; Dolly, shy, tender, and imaginative, is the complete antithesis of the grasping, shrewd Verena, who finally drives Dolly, in company with Collin and Catherine, the black cook, to take refuge in a treehouse in a chinaberry tree.
In Chinaberry Tree and especially in There is Confusion she answered Stribling, affirming the similarity, not a total identity, between African Americans and Caucasians, and their wide potential, a conservative ideal of women's function in society, and a moderate but firm attack on the havoc wrought on both sides of the fence by racial discrimination.
But once upon a time it was also the briar patch, which is why my nick-name was then Scooter, and is also why the chinaberry tree (that was ever as tall as any fairy tale beanstalk) was, among other things, my spyglass tree.
Characterization of phytoplasmas detected in Chinaberry trees with symptoms of leaf yellowing and decline in Bolivia.
He noted that had chinaberry trees (a host of whitefly) not been present in the area, whitefly populations would have been more greatly reduced by the freeze.