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a fine usually white clay formed by the weathering of aluminous minerals (as feldspar)

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The Awards also boosts the morale of staff and recognises the hard work and contribution they have made," said Li Chongjie, Founder and Managing Director of China Stone Co Ltd.
Based on adoption of the global uniform industry classification standard - ISIC, the report enables you to make a direct comparison of China stone, sand & clay quarrying industry with parallel industry in other countries;
In turn, Head of China Stone Association, hailed the boosting of ties between the two countries?
The next step is to use the chosen kaolin and repeat the process above varying the felspars that are available, for example: potash, soda and China stone and so forth.
It is made up from a mixture of china clay (kaolin) and a ground feldspar mineral called china stone or petuntse, allowing it to be fired at 1,400infinityC.
obtained the china clay and china stone from quarries in Cornwall, which the original Bristol factory had been using since 1768.
Industry Innovation of the Year - Manufacturing - Technology: China Stone Co Ltd; Fukui Shell Nucleus Factory; Diamond Services Ltd and Shenzhen United BlueOcean Technology Development Co Ltd
From the word 'Gaoling' we derive 'Kaolin' but today a China stone is used to produce a remarkably versatile porcelain body.
Industry Innovation of the Year - Manufacturing - Business: China Stone Ltd
Industry Innovation of the Year -- Manufacturing -- Business: China Stone Ltd
It will also be adjacent to some of Wuxi's historical World Heritage Sites, such as the Meili Ancient Town and Temple of Wu, and natural scenic spots including the Lianghong National Wetland Park and China Stone Park.
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