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a cabinet (usually with glass doors) for storing and displaying china

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The furniture includes wicker chairs paired with a glass round table and tea cart in wicker and glass; director's leather chairs paired with a rectangular table; a glass octagonal table and textured steel frame chairs with cushions in a contemporary fabric; glass rectangular dining room table with fabric-covered chairs; Formica dining room table, chairs and china closet as well as a glass oval table with a marble base and fabric covered chairs.
We have to behave more like a gentle giant than a bull in a china closet,'' said Weiss.
So he and his wife designed a ``wall wine cellar'' that looks like an elegant china closet from the outside, while inside the stained-glass doors are 1,000 bottles of their favorite wines aging at the proper temperature.
And an Enforcer quarterback named Tim Lester, who in the words of Xtreme head coach ``in the opening game couldn't hit a bull in a china closet.
Gold cherubs were suspended from the dining room ceiling, and plum-colored beads and strands of faux pearls were draped over the chandelier and china closet.
I look around the large, plain room, which is decorated only with a china closet and three tables at which 36 people sit, and in those shining faces I see a memory in the making.
x Lacquered cherry-red china closet with glass shelves, $149; IKEA.
The other side of the shop has several china closets packed with sets of dishes, glassware and similar items.
Antique china closets, a Gem electric cart, and an all-terrain vehicle will also go on the block.
As her composition, vinyl and porcelain likenesses smile from shelves and china closets, people smile back.
The older generation that grew up with china closets jam-packed with figurines has given way to the next generation who is looking at home decor as a way of showing their prized collections.
Strap heavy furniture, such as bookcases and china closets, to wall studs.
Pulaski Furniture, in Virginia, long known for elegant china closets, has teamed up with ``Antiques Roadshow'' to re-create 60 pieces in the show's archives that were voted the most popular according to a consumer survey.
It has all the trademark touches of a Craftsman home: beamed archways, a window seat, built-in bookcases and china closets, expansive rooms.
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