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a cabinet (usually with glass doors) for storing and displaying china


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Go on, have a look in the china cabinet, you never know what you might find We are now accepting quality items for .
There is oak parquet flooring, a china cabinet, superb plaster ceiling and twin columns that flank the double doors to the principal bedroom.
Keighery's three-dimensional objects in Neurotica are a disturbing and disarming examination of the construction of the china cabinet and its place in ceramics traditions.
The shooting not withstanding, two nights later someone stole a china cabinet from the vacant house, prompting Shandy to try to catch the criminal.
Lillian used to keep two photos in her china cabinet.
But I fear boyfriend Sven Goran Eriksson will have to fork out to restock the kitchen china cabinet after Nancy watched last weekend's Channel 4 programme, Seven Days That Shook Sven.
If it was your job to set the table for the most anticipated meal of the week, roast beef, usually served festively to animated guests, you opened the china cabinet and chose three decorative sets, which you strategically spread along the three-leafed table.
Under the direct administration of the State Council, the China cabinet, CIIC is a leading state owned enterprise featuring unique operations in techno intellectual service trade.
Furniture: Antique American walnut partners desk & laminated top; vintage heavily carved Chinese wood bench with ebonized finish & matching side table; vintage oak roll top desks; gilded wood table with brass ormolu accents and light onyx top; antique 1/4 sawn oak side board; antique cherry book case with glass doors; antique 1/4 sawn oak china cabinet with bent glass sides by A.
A bow-front china cabinet, With buckled legs of oak, Restored and then French-polished, Its maker's name bespoke.
Of particular charm here is the sitting room - they liked their space those Edwardians - which has a picture window to the side, fitted china cabinet and square bay window.
Everyday Rooms Kitchen comes in a sugar-white finish, including a $199 dining room table and a china cabinet for $249.
Bookcase on one side, china cabinet on the other, buffet counter on top
According to the Pittsburgh Tribune Review, the Everyday Room collection includes a kitchen island with a butcher-block top for $230 and a china cabinet for $250.
Widow Doris Marrin, 88, had kept the First World War bomb on top of her china cabinet for 50 years but did not know whether it was live.
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