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They also spend 28 minutes daily chin-wagging about the latest results, tackles, goals or transfer gossip.
And it's hard to think of small town America being anywhere near as interested in the political chin-wagging in the UK, France, Russia or, for that matter, anywhere else on earth.
o Prepare The Patter: Ever had a brief conversation with someone in the lift or reception area only to find out later that you were chin-wagging with the company MD?
In a House budget hearing, he elided the two subjects in a way that produced predictable scare headlines and chin-wagging editorials.
In reality, of course, there was plenty of scope for chin-wagging.
To some, Keegan, Clough, Venables, Taylor, and a few more whose backs have not yet been slapped on Ron Atkinson's matey but nonetheless magnificent Monday night chin-wagging sessions, it's a drug.
Federer posted a message saying he will do his best to answer questions from fans, seeing as he spent so much time chin-wagging with the SW19 journos.
Nearly 50 per cent of women surveyed for BT's new Buzz-In chatline came clean about chin-wagging - but didn't spend as much time on it.