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a strap attached to a hat

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Among the new items at Oregon's disposal this year are hard plastic chin straps designed to reduce slippage, potentially reducing the instances of helmets popping off that have been common in games during recent seasons.
There are also retention tests on the chin strap - making sure it works without any give.
The Xenith EPIC helmet features the same Shock Bonnet Suspension and Fit Seeker Chin Strap systems along with the latest evolution of shock absorber technology.
Instructions on how to replace the chin strap can be found in WP 009, "Removing and Replacing Chin Strap Retention System.
Schutt's hard-cup chin strap secures these helmets and is available in two styles: a four-point hook-up and a short n' long.
Xenith's unique Aware Flow Shock Absorber and Shock Bonnet Suspension System systems are integrated through the Fit Seeker Chin Strap system to provide players with an optimal response for both high and low energy linear and rotational forces that players experience on the field.
He was hit by a bullet that took a quarter of an inch of flesh from his cheek after severing his helmet microphone and chin strap.
Keeper Petr Cech made a shock return, wearing a chin strap, following the training ground injury which left him needing 50 stitches to a facial wound nine days ago.
Deadmarsh will wear a reinforced helmet this season, but Mellman said a mouth guard and secure chin strap are critical to avoid re-injury.
Tenders are invited for Executive Safety Helmet A Vent Ce En 397,Isi And Dgms Approved Aerodynamic Design With Inbult Vent Holes 3-Dadjustable Six Point Inner Suspension ,Sweat Absorbent And Chin Strap Multi Rib Enhanced Weight Displacement Colour Yellow Make: Udyogi,Karam,Honda Or Equivalent.
Midfielder Frank Lampard was a late withdrawal through family illness while keeper Petr Cech, sporting a chin strap, made a shock return following the injury which left him needing 50 stitches to a facial wound.
Finally, the law strengthens the existing helmet regulation for ATV operators under 18 years of age by adding a requirement that helmets must be worn "with a fastened chin strap.
Is the chin strap hardware worn, cracked, loose or missing?
Produced by leading sports safety company, Battle Sports Science, the Impact Indicator is a chin strap that fits virtually any helmet, measuring the G-force and duration of hits sustained by an athlete's head during play.