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Synonyms for chime

Synonyms for chime

to give forth or cause to give forth a clear, resonant sound

to be compatible or in correspondence

chime in: to interject remarks or questions into another's discourse

Synonyms for chime

a percussion instrument consisting of a set of tuned bells that are struck with a hammer

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Chime will operate on a monthly subscription plan, as is commonplace for many workplace communication services today.
CHIME provides a highly interactive, trusted environment enabling senior professional and industry leaders to collaborate; exchange best practices; address professional development needs; and advocate the effective use of information management to improve the health and healthcare in the communities they serve.
Chime Communications plc provides sports marketing, public relations, advertising, market research, direct marketing, and design and event management consultancy services.
He added: "There are serious problems which need tackled yet an officer can come out over a complaint about wind chimes.
The battery-powered chime is attractive too, it has optional security features, and the six bell tones sound the best on test.
If the tester lights up, you know the chime is receiving power and there's something wrong with the chime itself.
Gordon added: "If it is a noise issue I would have thought that some sort of trigger device could be fitted to mute the chime during night hours.
Chime Communications is buying ABC from its current owners Christian Abt, Sarah Abt and Stuart Peters.
8220;They can be easily installed in place of your present doorbell chime, bell or buzzer,” added Ladanyi, who announced the illuminators were available now online at http://www.
The Sound of Change concert was held at Twickenham on Saturday evening, with Beyonce Knowles leading a cast of some of the biggest names in music in a fundraising effort for the Chime for Change campaign.
This is a critical time for CEOs and their fellow C-Suite executives to learn all they can about how to maximize their organization's success in this unprecedented new environment," says Rich Correll, CHIME president and CEO.
The California Community Foundation has donated $41,750 to the CHIME Institute to help provide ``capacity building support'' to its charter elementary school in Woodland Hills.
Wirefree portable speaker door chime kit, pounds 39.