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SHOPPERS in the east of England have the strongest stomachs when it comes to eating chilli peppers.
600g thinly sliced sirloin steak trimmed of excess fat Salt and freshly ground black pepper 1 tsp paprika 2 tsp oil Small bunch of coriander Chilli peppers, sliced 8 flour or corn tortillas 2tsp toasted sesame seeds
Salvatore Genovese, a Bedfordshire farmer who produces an astonishing 500,000 mouth-scorching chilli peppers every week, has unleashed the hell-raising Super Naga, his most powerful variety of chilli yet, and it will be sold exclusively by Tesco, the Daily Mail reported.
Both Roquito Chilli Pepper Pearls and Crumbled Sausage Meat went on to eventually achieve 'Highly Commended' as indeed did Merchant Gourmet Duke de Leche, at the PAPA and QAwards respectively.
Washington, Oct 16 (ANI): It has been claimed that chilli peppers can cause death if taken in large quantities.
The celebration of fiery food and hot music promises to be sizzling stuff and includes a food eating competition featuring the Naga chilli pepper.
It is a chemical named capsaicin which gives chilli peppers their heat.
The new record holder is the Naga Viper chilli from Cumbria's Chilli Pepper Company, reports the Sun.
It is hot news for retailers as Sacla' create a vibrant, fiery pesto with Italian red chilli pepper, almonds, garlic and parsley to excite and enthuse pasta and pesto lovers who want a little more zing.
The store's head chilli pepper buyer Jonathan Corbett: "The Dorset Chilli is without doubt thermonuclear in heat which only those with the strongest stomachs should even try.
Anyone who finishes his curry will now have to drink a bottle of Crazy Ed's Chili Beer, a fiery brew containing a red-hot chilli pepper.
This Chilli Pepper Ring is made by hand from dozens of peppers tied together with natural raffia.
Chewing | CHILLI PEPPERS These bad boys contain capsaicin, the active compound that makes them burn your mouth.