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Mexico is one of the world's biggest chilli markets and we are producing a quality chilli product so it makes sense for us to sell there.
Fresh chillies can be used but if you're unsure of the degree of heat then stick to chilli powder.
To date, the RPM Tracking System and Chilli RPM catheters have been sold to the Dresden Heart Center and the German Heart Center, Munich in Europe.
Designed for VT ablation, the Chilli Cooled Ablation System addresses the need to make lesions that can penetrate thick ventricular scar tissue and target ablation sites deep within the heart's wall.
The company also announced the commencement of a multi-center marketing trial within Germany at seven major academic medical centers to further evaluate the Chilli cooled ablation system.
Kaz Lobendhan, Co-director and Head of Marketing at South Devon Chilli Farm, commented on these new jars: "The chilli jam is our bestselling product and is popular throughout the year.
Add the beef, cumin, oregano, smoked paprika, sugar and chilli powder.
Chilli traders in Junagadh District would incur major loss as the unfavourable weather conditions led to reduction in exports.
I've had a look at Blackpool online and have heard stories of the trams, the traditional pier, the friendly welcome and, of course, the promenade and Pleasure Beach, so I'm sure I won't have any trouble filling my days when I'm not engrossed in Chilli Fest.
Visitors - and thousands are expected to descend on the spectacular National Trust owned property that was Sir John Vanbrugh's last great masterpiece - can expect a truly spicy experience with chilli tastings, chilli eating competitions, chilli stalls, chilli cakes, chilli beer, chilli ice cream, a chilli trail.
No Manipur chilli allowed," a policeman said gruffly.
THE North Wales Brewery will be showcasing one of its more unusual beers at the Cheshire Chilli Festival today.
Also known as: Chile con carne, chilli, soup of the devil, bowl of red.
Has different varieties of beans and bulgar wheat in a spicy chilli and tomato sauce.
The Chilli and Chilli RPM products have demonstrated to physicians that they are important tools in the diagnosis and treatment of cardiac arrhythmias.