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It has also become a common feature for chillers in the Middle East to have heat recoveries like heat reclaim condensers or partial heat recovery to save energy in meeting the heating demands of the building.
Compared to traditional fixed-speed oil-bearing chillers, the YZ delivers up to 35 percent annual energy savings.
Variablespeed condensers have a 20-yr history in HVAC applications, but had not been used in process chillers.
The potential to apply centrifugal compressors in an air cooled packaged chiller is an important development today when the popularity of air cooled chillers is increasing globally, while the market for water cooled chillers in some major global regions remains stagnant or is even contracting.
Space cooling is provided by a central chiller plant with three 400-ton centrifugal chillers, which were installed in 1998 and utilize constant-speed compressors and a primary-secondary chilled water distribution system.
US Chiller Services' engineers are industry and factory certified by major chiller manufacturers and provide services for centrifugal, screw, reciprocating and absorption chillers as well as ancillary equipment.
During operation, chillers develop small leaks in their sealed refrigerant systems.
ESE chillers are available with integrated pumps and fluid reservoir or as a standalone chiller to supply a separate pump tank system.
The chillers allow precise temperature control of the recirculating coolants used for managing heat in electronic equipment.
1-2010 I-P Edition tables listing kW/ton efficiency requirements for water cooled chillers.
WORCESTER -- Two five-year-old chillers at the DCU Center -- used to create and maintain the ice that Worcester Sharks minor league hockey team to skate on -- have been broken since September.
During the project, Cool-Therm worked closely with staff at Amcor to replace one of the existing chillers at the site, after it had reached the end of its operational life.
India, March 16 -- The Trane plant in Charmes, France has bagged the Eurovent qualification for the testing of air cooled chillers greater than 600 kW.
Over the course of the contract, Carrier China will supply energy efficient equipment, which is expected to include up to 200 Evergreen 19XR centrifugal chillers and 100 Aquaforce 30XW high efficiency screw chillers.