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excitation that makes your hair stand up or that chills your bones


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Since the chiller replacement was completed in July and the pumps in August 2014, the energy savings have been dramatic.
introduced the NQV Series portable chillers at NPE2015, touting their use of a variable-frequency drive (VFD) on the compressor, a first for portable chillers in plastics, the company maintains.
ESE chillers are available with integrated pumps and fluid reservoir or as a standalone chiller to supply a separate pump tank system.
Gould said, "the temporary chiller system will be disconnected, and the facility chiller system will be reactivated.
Built on the rooftop of Dubal's desalination plant control building, the new absorption chiller has assumed the functions formerly fulfilled by the electrically-driven vapour compression air-conditioning chillers used for comfort cooling of the building.
Chiller plant support equipment, the water pumps and cooling towers, can also use the same reciprocal efficiency units of kW/ton (kWe/kWt) by letting the tons (kWt) produced by the chiller be the common normalizing parameter for the power used by all chiller plant equipment.
AB Systems has introduced a new range of base level 'plug and play' chillers to the UK market.
He arrives on site, makes a quick assessment of why the chillers may be off-line and, if he thinks the problems lies with the chiller plant management system or the BAS, eliminates the problem by disconnecting the external control system.
Working with an SMC Salesperson, Distributor Salesperson or directly with a member of the SMC Thermo Group, SMC can quickly identify the appropriate chiller for an application and also provide full support during the evaluation process.
If they want to install central Air-Conditioning system of 350 USRT to cool 105,000 sqft space by using water cooled electric chiller additional power of 385 ekW will be required to operate compressor of the chiller.
Being radiator cooled, the chillers will not only save more than 2100 gallons of water per minute of chiller operation, they will also save the considerable amount of energy that would be required to treat that water.
While the high efficiency screw chiller offers world-class efficiency with ARI standards coupled with optimised compressor design, the compact design is a smaller and lighter model compared to those of other major chiller manufacturers catering to restriction of space.
ISLAMABAD, 25 March , 2009 (Balochistan Times) -- The Capital Development Authority has planned to install another chiller in the Parliament House as two chillers already installed there would be unable to fulfil the growing needs in upcoming summer season, said a CDA official here Wednesday.
Chiller Services Dubai, the industry leader in chiller operation, maintenance and services, was recognized as the MEP 'Specialist Contractor of the Year' for the second consecutive year at the 2008 MEP Middle East Awards Gala held at the Mina Al Salam Hotel in Dubai this past week.