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Synonyms for Valium

a tranquilizer (trade name Valium) used to relieve anxiety and relax muscles

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Take a chill pill or you will have a stroke, " one daughter told her irate mum.
THE next time you crib over the trouble you have to go through to lodge a complaint with the police, take a chill pill.
When she objected, she was told, ``You gotta take a chill pill.
This conceit doesn't work, since Matt is funny and seems popular with the students -- the strident Sara needs to take a chill pill.
The definitive down-tempo collection of electronica's best, from classic tracks to the yet-to-be-released, from the movement's originators to its new breed, "Pure Chill Out" is the culmination of the genre -- the ultimate chill pill.
Meanwhile Mr Moody, Pierce Harris, needs to take a chill pill.
He also asked Lacierda to take the chill pill as Binay's name makes his blood rise.
Take a chill pill and get on with it"' Strictly Come Dancing's Brendan Cole, once renowned for his volatility "I go quiet when I get angry because I don't have the language.
Next comes "you should chill, take a chill pill, chillax", as there is nothing more counter-productive than telling someone to relax, and "we could have walked to the party if you'd worn trainers", as the trainers would have totally ruined the look of the party dress.
We just take a chill pill and stick to good old condoms.
Two, he needs to take a chill pill or he'll have a heart attack.
The excitable McCall, who perches on the edge of her seat - possibly because she subconsciously wants to show how ecstatic she is to be in the company of her "sensational" guests, or because she's desperate for the loo - doesn't need a chill pill.
For example, there's Most Accident-Prone Character, Most Creative Cross Dresser, Most Over the Top and Take a Chill Pill awards.
Now I understand why my mum looked so exasperated when I advised her to take a chill pill and told her to talk to the hand because listening to that banging tune was wicked.