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Synonyms for chill

Synonyms for chill

relative lack of physical warmth

marked by a low temperature

Synonyms for chill

coldness due to a cold environment

an almost pleasurable sensation of fright

a sensation of cold that often marks the start of an infection and the development of a fever


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a sudden numbing dread

make cool or cooler

loose heat

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This group assisted in the design of the test casting, gating, chill and riser practice, melt treatment, pouring guidelines, heat treatment parameters and evaluation.
Again, the danger exists that courts will misjudge a speaker's mental state, but this chill is mitigated by the fact that (1) it should be difficult to prove that a speaker had subjective awareness of the risks of her speech and (2) close cases should be decided in favor of the speaker.
Fruit and nut growers commonly use established mathematical models to select tree varieties that have winter chill prerequisites matching their local conditions.
Enter your favourite bar and it could become Best Chill Out Bar 2004
Cook Chill Bags on a Roll were developed to make the storage and dispensing of Cook Chill bags more convenient and to keep corrugated packaging out of commercial kitchens.
That said, EFM Technologies think that the scope for use of the Chill Tent is massive.
Use a standard chill wedge as described in ASTM A367-60 (re-approved 2005).
Thomas said he had witnessed cans expelling carbon dioxide and began to ponder about a method which used less toxic materials to chill a drink.
It was vital that the new system offered Ballineen the flexibility to chill and individually quick-freeze (IQF) a variety of different product types and weights.
It practically eliminates chill resulting from inoculant fading and improves mechanical properties and machinability of irons while simultaneously providing effective filtration.
RHM Foodservice, a UK leading supplier of products, brands and services designed specifically for the foodservice industry, has chosen Chill It's SR-22 portable cold storage box from their Superior range on a long term lease.
Thus, the only significant variables of chills, besides their material properties, were their volume, representing the heat capacity and contact surface area, which influenced heat exchange between the chill and the casting.