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Synonyms for chill

Synonyms for chill

relative lack of physical warmth

marked by a low temperature

Synonyms for chill

coldness due to a cold environment

an almost pleasurable sensation of fright

a sensation of cold that often marks the start of an infection and the development of a fever


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a sudden numbing dread

make cool or cooler

loose heat

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Our findings suggest that California's fruit and nut industry will need to develop new tree cultivars with reduced chilling requirements and new management strategies for breaking dormancy in years of insufficient winter chill," explains Eike Luedeling, a postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Plant Sciences.
So which is your favourite Chill Out Bar in Newcastle?
Unlike releasing content through app stores, music stores, a broadcast network or film studio, Chill Direct imbues artists with creative control and flexibility over their material and allows them full ownership of Intellectual Property.
The strong, ergonomic handle on Plascon's Cook Chill Handle Bags allows the end user to safely handle and transport filled bags even when the contents are hot.
Fewer winter chill days would result in a change in the fruit varieties that could thrive in the south east, said Atkinson.
Match the size of the chill wedge to the size of the casting based on the instructions in the ASTM standard.
The device, which adds about 15 cents to the cost of a canned beverage, displaces less than one-third of the total container volume and takes a couple of minutes to fully chill the beverage.
It was vital that the new system offered Ballineen the flexibility to chill and individually quick-freeze (IQF) a variety of different product types and weights.
It practically eliminates chill resulting from inoculant fading and improves mechanical properties and machinability of irons while simultaneously providing effective filtration.
Introducing the Big Chill Classic: Industrial Style, American by Design
RHM Foodservice, a UK leading supplier of products, brands and services designed specifically for the foodservice industry, has chosen Chill It's SR-22 portable cold storage box from their Superior range on a long term lease.
Thus, the only significant variables of chills, besides their material properties, were their volume, representing the heat capacity and contact surface area, which influenced heat exchange between the chill and the casting.
Essex based Diamond UK, manufacturers of meat for doner kebabs, have recently taken delivery of a new blast freezer on a long-term lease from Chill It.