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relating to or believing in the millennium of peace and happiness


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In this aspect of anti-capitalist politics we are reminded of the chiliastic horizon of utopianism analysed by Karl Mannheim.
Islam is a totalitarian chiliastic religion which is profoundly anti-Western and lays a basis for murder and assassination.
We may wonder at Harries's chiliastic formulation that the first part of the play "supernaturalises authority" as opposed to the second part that "authorises the supernatural" (111), and particularly at the rather too convenient way in which he draws the theater, money, authority, and the supernatural together, in a formulation that owes much to Jean-Joseph Goux: "The nexus of theatricality, money, authority and the supernatural surfaces in a concentrated dialogue" (112).
Relatively few Protestants shared the chiliastic view of Dill Macky that a perceived revival of papal power and pretensions was a sign of the imminence of the Second Coming.
The law makes a chiliastic demand, to observe human values even in the abyss of doubted survival.
Weber consistently, even aggressively, shuns articulating a typology of the apocalyptic, chiliastic, and millenarian beliefs that span Western history.
Like the Marxist vision of the proletarian victory dissolving old boundaries between the city and the country, mental and manual labor, it was the revolutionary, even chiliastic contemplation of an extraordinary mind.
The legitimacy accorded the state and its institutions, as they really exist, is thus conditional on the state (and these institutions) conforming to the chiliastic expectations of the messianic nationalists.
Since the pace of development is more rapid than it has ever been, the changes that once occurred glacially through millennia have begun to seem so instantaneous as to be discontinuous, and because this is different from all previous experience, those who have not yet been apprised of the changes they personify regard the writers who most deeply reveal this transformative differance as chiliastic.
39) He soon attracted many followers which resulted in a number of chiliastic uprisings in 1848-53.
Together, however, they demonstrate that anarchism is not a simplistic, chiliastic movement; it has been an important political, cultural, and philosophical force that has evolved over time.
Such chiliastic schemes were promoted in antiquity, primarily by heretics, are even found among a few Fathers of the church, including Justin Martyr and Irenaeus of Lyon, and have many modern adherents.
Simultaneously, almost as a side effect, it invited us to cast a comparative glance at what is called art in the present and to pass most of it over with an almost chiliastic diffidence.
Given the sheer breadth of topics broached, it is not surprising that a number of Berger's convictions seem somewhat unqualified: that the chiliastic expectations and bigotry surrounding sultan Suleyman are analogous to that of Louis XIV and Queen Victoria (pp.
For these are universities which are themselves buffeted by unprecedented crisis of under-funding, demoralization of faculty, staff and students, the rise of a pervasive culture of obscurantism and fetishistic pseudo-intellectualism and the attendant subversion of reason and critical thought as many senior teaching and research staff of academic departments come under the sway of evangelical chiliastic religious movements.