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a person who believes in the coming of the millennium (a time of great peace and prosperity)

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The texts quoted by Seebass, Muntzers Erbe, 345f und 450f, are not sufficient to prove that Hut was a chiliast or that he ascribed a chilisatic meaning to the Sabbath.
Nonetheless, it was doomed by its early chiliast orientation.
The impulse for the chiliast approach to the prophetic promises must have come from sources other than the writings which now make up the New Testament.
In the end, however, Origen was highly influential in attacking the chiliast position that one day God would literally restore his Kingdom and his holy city Jerusalem to the saints.
Mystical and chiliast themes are compared in William Ames, the English Quaker, and Petrus Serrarius, a Dutch Collegiant.
This is almost exactly the opinion that Crouzel ascribes to Origen, but the latter is no chiliast like his African contemporary.
Turning to the typology of the |heavenly intermediate state' mentioned above, Hill includes among those who explicitly rejected some essential part of the chiliast pattern II Clement, Hermas, The Epistle to Diognetus, The Epistle of the Apostles, The Apocalypse of Peter, Hippolytus (however one solves the authorship questions), Clement of Alexandria, Origen, Dionysius of Alexandria, and Cyprian of Carthage.
2) Unlike the original Chiliasts of the Reformation period, who thought that the final empire's ruler would be a great Christian leader, the liberator not only of the Holy Land but of all lands from infidel oppressors of the true believers, (3) dispensationalists of the modern era held that the Antichrist himself would be the final empire's head and that he would use the empire for his anti-Christian purposes.
Nonetheless, all these lacunae help emphasize one of the major points that Popkin and his friends were trying to make: early-modern Europe was teeming with messianic prophets, millenarians, chiliasts, apocalypticists, and utopians.
Weber has read one great slate of unhappiness, history as written by sects and prophets, millenarians, chiliasts, and televangelists.
This seems to show that there was no definitive disjunction between the millennium and the eternal state, as there was with some earlier chiliasts, and which would seem to be demanded by a strictly chiliastic interpretation of Revelation 20-22.