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belief in the Christian doctrine of the millennium mentioned in the Book of Revelations

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Chiliasm is not a pressing theological problem in our time, although, as a warrant for ideological violence, it has increasingly become a political problem.
His particular case in point was the Anabaptist movement, of particular interest to the sociologist, he claims, 'because in it Chiliasm and the social revolution were structurally integrated'.
198 he observes that a realistic eschatology including chiliasm, bodily resurrection, and the reign of the saints with Christ "was upheld by those Christians who formed the solid body of the church and contributed the majority of its martyrs," a statement that can be borne out by the sources.
Many elements have been avoided or even clearly rejected (Trinitarian ambiguities in the Apostolic Fathers, chiliasm in St.
As Abdel Aziz Sachedina has noted in his Islamic Messianism, the antichrist motif is also present in Shi'ite chiliasm.
In addition, all of the authors avoid, not surprisingly, any hint of chiliasm tainting their tex t.
8) Already Kurikka had acquired a reputation for chiliasm, a characteristic soon to become obvious both in Australia and Canada.
During its rapid growth among German immigrants the Iowa Synod was repeatedly challenged on such issues as chiliasm (the millennium), the anti-Christ, and predestination by the Missouri Synod.
Here Irenaeus's refutation of chiliasm and his understanding of the cross are taken up.
Hence, the necessary step from consumption communism to production communism was not considered -- indeed the very notion was a non sequitur in chiliasm -- until that transition had to be superseded by more drastic measures.
Bunyan's "fall" back into allegory signals a containment by Protestantism's two-world ontology of the chiliasm he would embrace.