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The total revenue from the sale of chili peppers in the world is expected to exceed $30 billion in 2017.
Consumption of hot red chili peppers was associated with a 13% reduction in total mortality, primarily in deaths due to heart disease or stroke, according to a large prospective study conducted by researchers at the Larner College of Medicine at the University of Vermont and published in PLoS ONE.
It's not surprising that chili peppers can trace their history to Central and South America, regions whose cuisines are renowned for their hot and spicy flavors.
Chili peppers are especially high in vitamin C, providing more than 100% DV in just one tiny pepper.
UC Davis plant scientist Paul Gepts, the study's senior author said identifying the origin of the chili pepper is not just an academic exercise, asserted that by tracing back the ancestry of any domesticated plant, we can better understand the genetic evolution of that species and the origin of agriculture - a major step in human evolution in different regions of the world.
Note: Long red chili peppers, often used in Thai cooking, are hot.
Cold hands/feet or frostbite: Sprinkle hot chili pepper powder directly on skin to encourage blood flow.
Capsaicin limits the growth of microbes like bacteria and fungi, and scientists have long wondered if its presence in chili peppers protects them from these harmful invaders.
Already an important moniker of spiciness on Asian-American menus of many stripes, the hot red chili pepper has become a celebrity in its own right in the U.
We didn't know then that spicy chili peppers actually have anti-inflammatory activity and heal stomach and duodenal ulcers.
Shoppers across the United States compete in hot-sauce cooking competitions, and dress up as the infamous chili pepper to attend local and national chili pepper expos.
In 2007, there is an awareness of the melding of diverse cultural influences, and Chili Pepper is a reflection of exotic tastes both on the tongue and to the eye.
To compare the effects on insulin of different patterns of chili pepper consumption, researchers at the University of Tasmania in Launceston, Australia, conducted a study in 36 healthy adults who didn't typically eat chili peppers.
RED Hot Chili Pepper fans have been queuing to get tickets for a BBC nature event where they think the band are playing live.
Jean Andrews has numerous cookbooks to her name and has held positions in the American Institute of wine & Food and the Intl Association of Culinary Professionals: her Peppers Cookbook thus comes from a chili pepper specialist who has produced earlier pepper histories and here gathers over 200 recipes for peppers.