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a hotdog with chili con carne on it

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We understand that authenticity and transparency is important to consumers so we thought: what better way to announce our 99-Cent Chili Dog deal than straight from the man who made it all possible.
OMG if In-N-Out sold the chili dogs they give at the family picnics the world really wouldn't be able to handle it," he wrote.
Unfortunately, since they don't offer chili dogs, you have to settle for barbecue sauce.
lt;div class="caption">Melted cheese is poured on a chili dog at Ben's Chili Bowl in Washington September 16, 2006.
That didn't come until two or three days after the event, when a reader phoned the newspaper and claimed in a voice mail message that he had captured second place in the chili dog contest, contrary to what I had reported in an article on Sunday.
As he talked about craving a chili dog, his mother recovered from the impact of seeing him free again.
49) - A tasty combination of flaxseed, sunflower seeds and cornmeal provides a flavor the whole family will love and a texture that can withstand a loaded up chili dog just as well as a plain hot dog.
Royalton Masonic Lodge 1047, Illinois 149; dinner includes chili, hot dog or chili dog, dessert and drink for $7.
Actually, other than a hot dog with mustard and relish, the biggest seller at Wags Delicious Hotdogs is a chili dog that includes chili made by the wise-cracking Mr.
Kicking off its golden year with a 99-cent chili dog deal, the company plans to continue the year-long celebration by offering its loyal customers and fans a variety of exciting deals and new products, as well as large-scale cash and prize giveaways.
Monday: Chili dog on bun, tater tots, baked beans, peaches
Chris Doyle of Worcester, an Assumption College student, scarfed down enough chili dogs to take home the title of two-time chili dog-eating contest champion.
The World's Largest Hot Dog Chain[R] Will Give Away a Free Original Chili Dog or Tastee-Freez Small Cone Tuesday, July 14, from 5 to 8 p.
R]) and enjoy one of the menu items the company was founded on - the Chili Dog.