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a hotdog with chili con carne on it

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Other exciting prizes include Sony portable mini DVD players, Sony mini MP3 players and delicious Wienerschnitzel food (Mini Snak Paks, Mini Chili Dogs, Mini Corn Dogs and small Pepsi beverages).
For more information on the Jumbo Chili Dog, please visit www.
Continuing its bold steps to assert its leadership position in the hot dog segment, Wienerschnitzel has launched its Big Original Chili Dog, a 84-percent-larger version of its famous grilled Original Chili Dog that has helped make the chain synonymous with hot dog value and quality for almost 50 years.
OMG if In-N-Out sold the chili dogs they give at the family picnics the world really wouldn't be able to handle it," he wrote.
BARACK Obama is so cool he can eat a half-smoke chili dog without squirting sauce on to his white shirt.
The film is about the "the duality of man as it is embodied by the chili dog.
One morning, Chili Dog brought in the mail to his owner, Mrs.
Like, did you know a chili dog and ro ot beer pack a whopping 747 calories?
Wienerschnitzel, the world's largest hot dog chain, announces the return of its 99-cent Original Chili Dog deal
The chili dog is a crowd favorite, and the milkshakes are legendary.
While the dogs were tasty, they use American rolls, not New England style, and the chili on my chili dog was mostly sauce, not meat.
jpg" alt="Melted cheese is poured on a chili dog at Ben's Chili Bowl in Washington September 16, 2006.
I signed a petition while waiting in line for my bimonthly chili dog from Pink's Famous Chili Dogs and found the person who solicited my input well-informed and not in the least misleading.
Because he was a hot dog, and he wanted to be a chili dog.
The ticket price includes dinner, two drinks, an auction catalog and the traditional late chili dog snack.