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ground beef and chili peppers or chili powder often with tomatoes and kidney beans

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The judges all had scorecards to keep track of "The Best, Great, Good, So-So, and Not Good" bowls of chili, along with a place to keep comments.
What we have to do in three hours is make it taste like yesterday's chili,'' said Summers, who has a drywall-stocking business.
Jim Beam Bourbon Steak Chili is a true original recipe, with big chunks of steak, juicy tomatoes, onions, black beans and a splash of Jim Beam Bourbon," said Lorena Cantu, Asian and chili/BBQ product manager, Windsor Foods.
His involvement with chili competition began as support for his wife, Susie Baumberger, who began competing nearly eight years ago.
Hosting the State Championship Chili Cook-Off at Woodbridge Winery again is a great honor," said Larry Pilmaier, Visitors Center Manager of Woodbridge Winery.
Step on up,'' Dave Faylor, dressed in a horned helmet to make what he called Big Damn Dave's Viking Chili, called out to tasters who strolled among the booths.
During his coverage of the war from the front lines in Vietnam, Fowler earned the nickname "Chili Cong" for the packets of chili spices he often gave away to US troops.
It was the Tommy's tradition that compelled Greg Bilan to ride his bicycle from North Hollywood to Los Angeles to scarf four 60th-birthday chili cheeseburgers -- the sale-price limit.
More than 400 chili cooks and judges, including their families, will descend upon the host city during the event, providing a direct impact of hundreds of thousands of dollars to a local community.
It had a very well-balanced chili flavor with a smooth sauce and a nice bite from front to back," Mr.
ConAgra says Wolf's expansion was driven by consumer research that showed even though the Midwest has the highest index of chili consumption in the nation, the region reports only moderate conned chili sales.
Timms said those who come to the Boston Chili Takedown can expect to experience "a ton of different chili," take part in voting for the winner and, most importantly, have a blast.
Gondal, the biggest market of chilies in the state, is witnessing low arrivals as compared to last year as bad weather conditions and crop diseases have led to reduction in the chili production this year.
A spin on a homemade classic, Smokehouse Pork and Beef Chili with Beans includes Andouille sausage, beef, and a secret blend of spices, all slow-cooked with tomatoes, onions, green sweet peppers and pinto and red kidney beans.