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the condition of being without offspring

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Our analysis of childlessness and multi-partner fertility among men in Norway demonstrates that education influence men's childbearing behaviour in multiple ways.
The census data indicate that the extent of childlessness among Australian women aged 15 years and over increased only slightly from 31.
Men leave as I cannot have children'--women's experiences with involuntary childlessness.
It is also especially important that those who do meet the strictest criteria of childlessness and who are approaching the age limit, are given priority so that declining fertility and waiting time do not jeopardise their chance of successful treatment.
In my own research I have only come across one researcher that has described choosing childlessness as a modern myth (McAllister, 2000).
The authors focus on developing countries around the world and report statistics on infecundity, childlessness and infertility.
Indeed, the stems of childlessness should be celebrant, not denigrated.
Among these are: aging of population, AIDS, animal ecology, childlessness, climate change and population, emerging infectious diseases, environmental ethics, feminist perspectives on population issues, human extinction, and population in literature.
Infertility around the globe: New thinking on childlessness, gender, and reproductive technologies (pp.
Divorce in Ethiopia: the impact of early marriage and childlessness.
Cases of IVF mix-ups have made headlines on both sides of the Atlantic in the past decade and caused emotional devastation for couples already struggling with fears of childlessness.
Real people found God sufficient for their journeys through infertility and childlessness.
This will be followed by a description of the male sexual problems causing childlessness among other couples in this study, and what couples did (or did not do) to resolve these problems.
Although involuntary childlessness is a difficult situation for any couple, its social consequences are most accentuated in developing countries and are generally more severe for women than for men.