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Synonyms for childishness

a property characteristic of a child


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It was intimidation, it was talking down, it was speaking over, it was childishness, and it did absolutely zero to even engage in conversation.
What a shame th at the cricket has largely been forgotten among the childishness.
They are my life," she said, "Eddie and my life revolve around them I will not edit myself because of anyone else's childishness," (http://www.
Some of their responses have ranged from downright childishness, especially from the Tories, and personality slurs up on certain other well known political gures, to the refusal to admit they are in a serious decline of public condence and now have serious competition to their monopoly of political clout.
All your favourite characters are back as well, such as Barman Mick "The Bull", whose homophobic rants make you laugh in their childishness, but sadly remind me of many people I encounter in this country.
But, typically, in the training sessions there's a whole load of arguments, childishness and foul language.
This group makes one realize that childishness can be a characteristic, too.
He earned two Golden Globe nominations for his depiction of Henry VIII in four series of The Tudors, and the 36-year-old explains: "I wanted to give this impetuous childishness to Henry because he was a spoilt kid.
v The sniggersr canbe explained, x not by any a childishness h on my part, but on my ownw nerver s at what the futurer holds.
The long-running hassle over the route from Swans Corner to Stainton Way and thence to the Southern Cross is another example of childishness.
Thanks in part to my constitutional childishness, they have always sounded to me like the names by which the Three Musketeers really should have been known: Ethos, Logos, and Pathos," Leith writes.
She admits to childishness but doesn't abandon the blame game:
With the recent opening of the Disney Fashion by LIWA store in Dubai Mall there's now more chance to show that you don't take yourself too seriously and inject a little bit of childishness into your wardrobe, left.
What adds to what otherwise would have been childishness takes on a very serious note when someone starts giving them clues about how to proceed in this matter.