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Synonyms for childish

Synonyms for childish

of or characteristic of a child, especially in immaturity

Synonyms for childish

indicating a lack of maturity


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Childishly optimistic, we had hoped to see the King and Queen.
To risk throwing away whatever advantages - and these have now to be questionable - massive culls of 'innocent' animals may have gained by such a gung-ho post-election attitude to continued outbreaks can be best only construed, even in the light of pressures from tourism and small business, as childishly irresponsible and strategically immature.
THE VERDICT Indie favourite Sam Rockwell is perfectly cast as childishly charming sex addict Victor.
Your parents should know better than to behave so childishly.
I think she has acted tremendously childishly by boycotting the Queen's visit.
I feel really lonely with all this and wonder if, at the age of 21, I'm behaving childishly.
They might be cutting up another driver in heavy traffic, meandering in a motorway middle lane at 50mph when the inside lane is clear of traffic; distracting other motorists by childishly using front spotlights on a fine day, or making a manoeuvre without signalling.
This childishly selfish pair have no qualms in sponging off their loving parents, but petulance turns to anger when they realise they'll have to share a room.
My boyfriend thinks I'm making a fuss about nothing and I'm behaving childishly.
It's high time they started putting the people of Carmarthenshire before their own narrow political interests by working constructively with the other councillors instead of childishly snipping at every decision,'' he said.
The MP was once childishly described by a national newspaper as a contender for the title of the Stupidest MP.
It is sad that the ex-Beatle fails to understand that there might be objection to the broadcasting of garbage, particularly of the childishly inane variety.
Or they could just carry on with the fantasy sequences, the childishly silly gags, and the surreal humour that keeps this show in the peak of rude health.
REVENGE is a dish best served by a queen," warned the gay boy when lout Lisa childishly soaked his clothes in the swimming pool.
The new study from Australia shows that in fact pet talk and baby talk are distinctly different and supports the theory that adults talking childishly to babies are instinctively helping them learn to speak.