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a service involving care for other people's children

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Good morning, its a pleasure to be here today at the Family and Childcare Trust, whose aim is to make the UK a better place for families, campaigning for affordable and accessible, high-quality childcare.
This autumn, the new 'tax-free childcare' scheme launches and the current childcare vouchers scheme that lets many pay for childcare from their pre-tax income will close for new applicants.
Mr Clegg is set to say he knows that childcare costs are rising, but his proposals for free childcare will help families.
However, going back to work often means paying for childcare - and figures show childcare costs - have risen 27per cent since 2009.
According to the Sunday Telegraph, parents who usually pay up to $100 per day for childcare should be ready to pay $40 more by 2018 while those shelling out $80 can expect to pay $32 more in the same period.
Parents were asked what their monthly expenditure was on a number of items, including food, clothing, schooling and toys; which were combined with the average childcare cost to create an overall figure.
Gingerbread, the charity that supports single parents, says that each September its helpline experiences a surge in calls about childcare worries.
The figures were compiled by the Family and Childcare Trust.
The Family and Childcare Trust's annual childcare costs survey for Scotland reveals nursery childcare for children under two was 4.
In the most extreme case, where a second parent takes on a full-time job at the minimum wage, a couple who use childcare could be left just Au4 a week better off with two incomes than they would be with one, according to a new study.
It is well known amongst working parents that tax relief for childcare is available - even lower tax bracket parents can save up to [pounds sterling]934 per year, with an up to [pounds sterling]402 per parent saving for employer.
We believe there are few more important decisions we make than those involving how we juggle work and childcare and with Wales facing some of the highest childcare costs in the world it is becoming increasingly difficult for parents to make work pay for their families.
The analysis in this article provides answers to a series of questions regarding the quantity of time that "coupled" women, coupled men, and single women allocate to childcare; the trade-offs that are made in order to generate time for childcare; and variations among groups of differing socioeconomic status (SES) in time spent on childcare, on housework, and at work.
LONDON, June 6 /PRNewswire/ -- The Prime Minister Rt Hon Gordon Brown MP today launched Daycare Trust's 11th annual National Childcare Week at an event at No10 Downing Street.
The plan also provides up to $250-million a year in tax credits to businesses and community organizations to create childcare spaces.