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Synonyms for baby talk

an adult's imitation of the speech of a young child

the developing speech of a young child


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1977) performed their own detailed analyses on child-directed speech, they found few correlations between caregiver speech and language development.
Unlike English and Italian child-directed speech, in Korean child-directed speech verb types outnumber noun types, and verbs are typically found in salient utterance-final position.
This paper reviews the literature on the similarities and differences in child-directed speech (CDS) employed by fathers and mothers.
In the child-directed speech only about one-quarter of the ditransitive applicative constructions were found to include both objects; none of these had both arguments overt as postverbal noun phrases.
For example, although English-speaking pre-schoolers use few verbal passives in their spontaneous speech, children learning Sesotho -- a Bantu language where verbal passives are frequently used in adult and child-directed speech -- use these constructions frequently by the age of three (Demuth 1989, 1990).