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a service involving care for other people's children

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Supervisor Don Knabe said the state estimates up to 7percent of all child-care cases include fraud, but two-thirds of the program is administered by the state, and DPSS can't investigate those cases.
The credential is given to child-care centers that have met best-practice standards in safety, education and environmental health.
In addition to collaborating with the federal government, Manitoba will continue to work with all key stakeholders and consult with Manitobans in building a high-quality early learning and child-care system that is available to all families who need it.
Soldiers will be connected to their local child care resource and referral agency, then linked to participating child-care providers.
They were subsequently acquitted, but the case left a legacy ranging from child-care guidelines to stricter licensing of facilities.
There are about 291 licensed family child-care homes in the state of Alaska, according to Claudia Shanely of the Department of Education and Early Development for the State of Alaska.
Considering the professions sorry wages and haphazard approach to recruitment, it's hardly surprising that the child-care workforce looks like an advertisement for the politically disenfranchised: Ninety-eight percent of caregivers are female; one-third are women of color; many are living at or below the poverty level.
New programs would include a tax credit for businesses, a child-care provider scholarship fund, an early learning fund, a standards enforcement fund, and a research and evaluation fund.
English sociologist Spenser Milham argues that maintaining the prestige of the finest institutions in any human-service system (schools, health-care facilities, social-service agencies, as well as child-care facilities) requires a class of institutions he calls dust-bins--garbage pails in American English--into which the system's failures can be dumped.
A former hotel housekeeper, Mena says she became a child-care worker "because I don't know how to do anything else.
predominantly large corporations and public agencies, offer employees any type of child-care assistance (Levine, 1989).
For many years, interest groups have lobbied the Federal Government for legislation that would provide increased assistance to parents with child-care needs.
General Mills earned high marks for child-care options, which include an on-site infant care center at its world headquarters.
An independent agency conducting random, unannounced field visits of welfare-to-work participants' homes, employers and child-care providers could prevent about two-thirds of child-care fraud in Los Angeles County, prosecutors said Monday.
OTTAWA -- Is a parent's work, and the use of substitute child-care associated with a lower level of development of the skills that pre-school children need to start school?