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an administrative unit responsible for social work concerned with the welfare and vocational training of children

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The information comes to APTN through an internal report done for the child welfare agency.
This summer, NCSL took the unusual step of convening a group of lawmakers, judicial leaders and child welfare agency executives to examine how legislators can help strengthen the courts on behalf of vulnerable children.
Wide Horizons For Children (WHFC), a leading non-profit adoption and child welfare agency, has appointed Dr.
Justice Mackinnon, reviewing previous court decisions indicated that a child welfare agency could act contrary to a court order in a "time sensitive situation," which the judge did not believe existed in this case.
These family involvement programs stem from the idea that families are experts on themselves and with their community, can identify resources and supports that may not have been immediately identifiable to the child welfare agency.
Department of Children and Family Services Director David Sanders, who is leaving July 31 after leading the nation's largest child welfare agency for the past three years, is L.
That same year, an Arkansas circuit court overturned a state Child Welfare Agency Review Board regulation prohibiting gay foster parenting after extensive fact finding, including testimony from a variety of psychologists, social workers, and sociologists, concluding that the ban contradicted the agency's mandate to serve the best interests of children.
Finally, 'How to Work with Your Court: A Guide for Child Welfare Agency Administrators' is designed to help improve agency/court relationships and contains recommendations for strengthening child welfare agency attorney offices and improving agency-court collaborations.
Since the family lived in Illinois, the police contacted that state's child welfare agency.
According to GAO's Title IV-B survey data for fiscal year 2002, states spent about 60 percent of subpart 1 funds on the salaries of child welfare agency staff, administration and management expenses, and child protective services, while about 10 percent were used to provide family support and family preservation services.
For teenage mothers who are wards of the state, whether a main parenting figure had been a teenage parent could be a critical predictor of psychosocial outcomes, according to findings based on telephone interviews with 139 mothers aged 14-20 who were in the care of the Illinois child welfare agency.
John Kitzhaber has ordered an internal investigation to determine whether the state's child welfare agency mishandled at least three separate reports last summer that Ashley had accused Ward Weaver of abusing her.
Mike Huckabee (R) has ordered the Child Welfare Agency to give a contract to a fundamentalist-oriented home for troubled youngsters called The Lord's Ranch, despite the organization's reluctance to accept government oversight in the past.
I most recently worked for the faith-based organization, the Presbyterian Child Welfare Agency, also called Buckhorn.
But growing numbers of their clients were from public agencies, especially the Juvenile Court and the county child welfare agency.
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