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court-ordered support paid by one spouse to the other who has custody of the children after the parents are separated

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The relationship between distance of the father from the child and child support and visitation is surprising.
As indicated by the noncustodial fathers interviewed, many mothers directly tied visitation rights to child support payments.
Most child support legislation has focused on fostering responsible behavior toward children by parents, contributing to the well-being of families, and reducing welfare costs.
Today, he's back in jail for not paying child support and court-ordered, once again, into Children First.
The combined effect o those numbers is that only about one-third of custodial mothers receive child support as a regular source of income.
Pennsylvania is the only state to meet or exceed all five federally mandated performance measures established by the Child Support Performance and Incentive Act.
In the State of Kansas, the Department for Children and Families is the single State agency which, through its division of Child Support Services, has been designated to administrate the State s IV-D program since its inception in 1975.
The obligation to pay child support is generally triggered when parents separate.
8220;If you favour the child support of $100, then you do not support Canada's child-support guidelines in force since May 1997.
The county's Child Support Unit will comprise a supervisor, three child support agents and an office assistant, the same positions that now make up the Child Support Enforcement Program.
Child support obligations are often present for parents who do not live with their children.
He was sent back to Massachusetts by Canadian authorities three weeks ago and charged with abandoning his children without support, leaving the commonwealth without paying child support and failure to comply with a child support order.
It involved interpretation of the Federal Divorce Act, Federal Child Support Guidelines and the Alberta Parentage and Maintenance Act.
But Lori Cruz, deputy director of the county's Child Support Services, said that under California law the agency is not allowed to release information about anyone involved in child-support cases.
Supportkids, a US private child support company working with families, has launched a redesigned website.
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