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the branch of psychology that studies the social and mental development of children

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The PsycBOOKS database ranges from general to specific titles that cover a variety of relevant fields such as clinical and child psychology.
This work is intended as a supplementary text for advanced undergraduate and graduate courses in research methods, developmental research, and child psychology.
The study appears in the Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology.
Expertly written, The Educators Guide To Preventing And Solving Discipline Problems offers an excellent analysis of child psychology.
During the day now, she works with younger special-needs kids at Hart, and at night she goes to California State University, Northridge, majoring in child psychology.
As an intellectual and highly informative analysis of what causes one's political standing later in life, The Development Of Political Attitudes In Children helps to enlighten the reader of the many constructs of child psychology, what a child's greatest influences are, and how well certain constructs might more easily be retained throughout life.
I'm working part time now, but I want to work full time so I can buy my books at school,'' said Griselda Rodriguez, 19, a Valley College student who wants to pursue a child psychology degree.
To effectively reach its core audience of Kids 6-14, Disney Channel consulted with child psychology experts to create a campaign that is relevant to this demographic.
For students and practitioners in family therapy, clinical social work, clinical child psychology, child psychiatry, and related disciplines.
They'll be studying child psychology and toy development throughout history.
This resource for students and practitioners of child psychology and special education explains the neurobiological basis of learning and describes evidence-based treatments for a wide variety of learning disabilities.
As director of the Orthogenic School, the home for emotionally troubled children at the University of Chicago, and as the author of books like ``Love Is Not Enough'' and ``Truants From Life,'' he had secured his reputation as an expert on child psychology in general and on the condition known as infantile autism in particular.
Phillips holds a bachelor's degree in child psychology from Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada, and a medical degree from Ottawa University, Ottawa, Canada.
Child psychology and psychiatry; frameworks for practice, 2d ed.
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