child neglect

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failure of caretakers to provide adequate emotional and physical care for a child

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Lackova was sent to prison for five years after admitting allowing the death of a child and child neglect.
Officers arrested a 29-year-old woman on suspicion of child neglect a short time later.
Action for Children, which was founded as 'The Children's Home' by Methodist Minister Rev Thomas Bowman Stephenson in 1869, is calling for a national strategy on child neglect that includes a public awareness campaign containing clear, concise information about where children and adults can seek advice and report their fears.
Police said the boy is safe and well and a 28-year-old man is in custody on suspicion of child neglect.
At present, the criminal definition of child neglect covers physical harm only.
Michelle Caskey, 23, the child's mother, was charged with possession of methamphetamine in addition to the charge of child neglect, police said.
Sir Tony Hawkhead, chief executive at Action for Children, said: "We know that children's cries are not going unheard but it is heartbreaking to think that so many people have concerns about child neglect but feel powerless to do anything simply because they don't know who to tell.
The Dubai Police have helped resolve a case of child neglect of an Emirati after tracking the case for four years.
At a previous hearing before the Recorder of Bradford Judge Roger Thomas QC, the woman admitted child neglect in relation to her son and possessing small quantities of heroin and cocaine.
Sarah Bell, 40, was bailed on Friday night after being arrested at the Dalmeny Hotel in Lytham St Annes, near Blackpool, on suspicion of murder and child neglect.
CHILD neglect no longer simply means "Dickensian" images of starving and dirty children without shoes or clothes but also encompasses serious emotional harm, a leading charity has warned.
A MUM has been jailed for child neglect after bringing up her four-year-old son in appalling squalor at a home with 20 uncaged ferrets.
Child Neglect and Behavioural Parent Education: Research and Practice
Child neglect, on the other hand, is very difficult to define and is much harder to notice as abuse is.
There is no doubt that child neglect is an international problem.
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