child molester

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a man who has sex (usually sodomy) with a boy as the passive partner

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This may be unfair but that is the reality, otherwise you leave yourself open to all sorts of attacks, and that includes being called a child molester.
Prison officials had no explanation for the attack, but child molesters are sometimes targets of violence or threats from fellow inmates.
The pair ignored warnings and allowed a convicted child molester to carry out a Community Service Order decorating family homes.
It's coming soon to a newsroom near you: a similar, though probably less dramatic, decision about publicizing the name and address of a convicted child molester A year-and-a-half after President Clinton signed Megan's Law, modeled after New Jersey's statute requiring that communities be notified about convicted sex offenders living in their midst, journalist are beginning to pick their way through the maze of ethical and practical problems created by the legislation.
Bing clearly believes Christy invented these charges to punish her parents, and presents overwhelming evidence that, whatever Bob Scheck's faults, he was no child molester.
She quickly learns that this man - child molester Freddy Krueger (Englund) - is also terrorizing the dreams of her friends and boyfriend, Glen (Depp).
Child molester Joshua Karney, 30, became one of the most wanted men in the UK when he went missing in 2005 while on licence for indecently assaulting a child.
MOST people would say that the child molester is the lowest form of life.
While I personally find middle-aged people dating teenagers to be distasteful, you shouldn't make it sound as if Gerry Studds was a child molester.
As a child molester, he resided among the lowest of the low within the prison dystopia, among the most despised and the most vulnerable.
Recent REACT contacts with parolees include a twice-convicted child molester, who targeted kindergarten-age girls.
AN innocent youth was stripped naked and humiliated by a gang of vigilante women who accused him of being a child molester.
It is claimed Mrs Edwards, whose husband Brian used to be a senior governor at Stockton jail in Leicestershire, was caught in a shower room with convicted child molester Kevin Davis.
Convicted child molester Larry Don McQuay predicted as early as August 1995 that castration was his only ticket to freedom.
A convicted child molester argues for the only treatment which he believes will prevent him from re-offending