child's play

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Synonyms for child's play

an easily accomplished task

Synonyms for child's play

activity by children that is guided more by imagination than by fixed rules

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In addition to the LEGO sculpture, a $10,000 check was also presented to Child's Play which will be donated to the Boston Children's Hospital and the University of Massachusetts Children's Medical Center.
It postulates an opportunity for you to assess your own child's play habits, note imbalances and intervene in a way that supports the full social, emotional, physical and cognitive development of your child.
8220;As Child's Play Communications celebrates its 25th Anniversary in 2013, this recognition is particularly timely and exciting.
If it's child's play, then let these MPs have them burnt on their doorsteps and let's see if it's still child's play.
Research indicated that child's play has essential positive impacts on physical development (Fromberg, 2002; Santrock, 2003), social and emotional development (Sutton-Smith, 1997; Broadhead, 2004), cognitive development (Ginsburg, 2007), and student learning (Brand, 2006).
Education director John Clutton said Child's Play had never made a profit in its 12-year history.
It was widely believed that Child's Play 3, featuring a demonic doll called Chucky, had been banned after the killing that shocked the world.
Players Can Raise Money for Child's Play Charity and Earn Holiday Discount for Digital Purchase of Dragon Age: Origins
According to a September 2013 survey by Child's Play Communications, titled Are Dads the New Black, mom remains by far the No.
SETTING up her own business has been like child's play for Nicola Johnson.
We're interested in child's play in Britain from the early years of the 20th century right up to the 1970s and 80s.
99, Child's Play, 01793 616286) A VERY colourful pop-up book about Sandy Snail's big surprises - a new brother and sister.
Sales of Virtual Christmas Trees in "Charity Tree Park" to Benefit Child's Play
New Child's Play Communications Survey Shows Handmade Gifts from Kids and a Day Off Top Wish List; Past Holiday Presents Include Jumper Cables and Divorce Papers
In the fifth instalment of the Child's Play series, Chucky and wife Tiffany are in Hollywood where they're starring in a slasher flick with Jennifer Tilly.
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