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a tall elegant chest of drawers

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I brushed past him to the chiffonier and opened it.
The family Bible still sits on the fold-out leaf of the chiffonier which is now officially mine, patiently awaiting my return to my native Sweden in its temporary lodging in my sister's house.
A continuacion se ofrece el original en frances: "J'ai voulu me rendre compte des benefices que peut realiser un ramasseur de bouts de cigares et, de meme que j'avais chiffonne avec de chiffoniers, j'ai fait plusieurs excursions avec des ramasseur de bouts de cigares.
Peopling the background of these earliest scenes there were the tall splendid father who was always so kind, and whose strong arms lifted one so high, and held one so safely; and my mother, who wore such beautiful flounced dresses, and had painted and carved fans in sandalwood boxes, and ermine scarves, and perfumed yellowish laces pinned up in blue paper, and kept in a marquetry chiffonier, and all the other dim impersonal attributes of a Mother, without, as yet, anything much more definite; and two big brothers who were mostly away (the eldest already at college); but in the foreground with Foxy [the pet] there was one rich all-permeating presence: Doyley.
During the evacuation of Moscow, when the Rostovs empty their carts and abandon their belongings so as to make room for wounded soldiers, Berg comes up to ask for a cart so that he can purchase a chiffonier for his wife.
Along the sides of the room were a drop-leaf table, sewing machine cabinet, chairs, apple crates to store miscellaneous items, and a chiffonier.
Programmes like that help because they are using, if not actual period pieces then reproductions that look like Right: A mahogany regency Chiffonier (England, c.
One day I found that the drawer at the bottom of the chiffonier,
Back then, when I spent my summer holidays with granddad near Lyons, I was struck by the antiquity of his home supply; two pin plugs and just the one lumpy wall socket by the bed and another by the chiffonier into which was plugged the wireless; light bulbs glowing a dim 40w -- glazed pottery circular switches with brass covers and knobsC* I wouldn't dare touch any with wet hands.
Work hard all your young days and they'll find you too, some morning staring up under your chiffonier at its warped bass-wood bottom and your soul-- out
Also for the dining room, a Victorian mahogany chiffonier with two shelves, drawers and cupboards attracted a winning bid of pounds 1,150 while a mahogany buffet table of the same period achieved pounds 420.
Como afirma Frisby, "en la medida en que Benjamin se orienta hacia <<los desechos de la historia>>, su metodo presenta afinidades no con el coleccionista de obras bellas, sino con el <<coleccionista de desechos [der Lumpensammler]>>, con el chiffonier de Baudelaire" (en cursiva en el original) (Frisby, 1992: 408).
It is a mahogany and rosewood chiffonier made by Arnot and Co in Dublin.
It finishes: "I want my mother, not her chiffonier.