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the position of chieftain

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The second one stated that Sooko chieftaincy title originated from a woman called Nuyin.
But hasn't the Bugti chieftaincy not been its opulent beneficiary throughout?
Muller finds in the Asante Indigenous Religion (AIR) an explanatory factor for the persistence of chieftaincy among the Asante people in Ghana.
Even the chieftaincy crisis, which had become an incurable sore in Dudum, could be resolved thanks to Achamba's efforts on the issue which he resolves with research in the National Archives in Yaounde.
But somewhere along the line the chalice has been poisoned and Zuma retains the chieftaincy of a politically weakening party and national economy with deepening woes.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Ghana's Minister of Chieftaincy and Culture Alexander Asum-Ahensah said that his country is eager to further boost current cultural ties with Iran.
Prior to being colonized by the British, the people of modern Ghana had a system of leadership that was strongly rooted in the concept of chieftaincy.
While Bwee Atea did provide the French with military or diplomatic support during wars in 1878, 1897 and 1901 it was through the development of the pastoral industry and the employment of men belonging to the chieftaincy as stockmen that practical relations with the French were established.
After her father's death in 1991, one of Katjambia's brothers disputed her chieftaincy, but this did not disrupt the peace in the Etanga area during most of the 1990s.
Joseph Kostiner, The Making of Saudi Arabia, 1916-1936, From Chieftaincy to Monarchical State, Oxford University Press, 1993.
These issues--including chieftaincy, marriage, witchcraft etc.
At this time, the Kayan chieftaincy displayed, in a series of tableaux vivant, an imaginary narration of rice and divinely inspired authority as related to political power.
Despite the United Kingdom's massive assistance package to Sierra Leone (spanning military and intelligence reform, infant mortality reduction programmes, and changes to the traditional chieftaincy system), little has been heard about the former-British colony since the end of its civil war in 2002.
Therefore, the role Mr Blair played in helping us defeat the rebels entitles him to chieftaincy in Sierra Leone," he said.
95) In tying together different land rights, customary law builds on the social and political structures, such as the chieftaincy, that play an important part in many Ghanaians' lives.