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the position of chieftain

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That Hrisbru was the original site of historical Mosfell is convincing and the argument that it was thus the seat of a Viking Age chieftaincy also seems entirely plausible.
But hasn't the Bugti chieftaincy not been its opulent beneficiary throughout?
Muller finds in the Asante Indigenous Religion (AIR) an explanatory factor for the persistence of chieftaincy among the Asante people in Ghana.
Mandla was chosen by his grandfather to inherit his traditional Thembu tribal chieftaincy seven years ago, but some of the family members think that he has brought them shame and they have cut him off from the family.
Major issues in Ghana's land governance are chieftaincy and land disputes which are very common due to the wealth and power attached to the chieftaincy institution (Montford / Birner 2013, Vath 2012).
Such a renaissance included the revival of traditional leadership in a post-apartheid context, although as Oomen points out, chieftaincy "bore a startling resemblance to past paradigms that formed the building blocks of indirect rule and apartheid polities" (p.
The Makoni are an old family with a very prominent chieftaincy in the eastern part of Zimbabwe.
The Neo-Caledonian notion of tribu (tribe) (2) is not a self-evident and natural spatial concept, but refers to a historically produced administrative unit created in 1867 by colonization which was subsequently modified by the Indigenat regime (1887), the administrative chieftaincy (1897), and the demarcation of indigenous land reservations.
Women in Male Corridors of Power," in Chieftaincy in Ghana: Culture, Governance and Development, eds.
African chieftaincy is a cultural institution -- some buy the title (e.
Even the chieftaincy crisis, which had become an incurable sore in Dudum, could be resolved thanks to Achamba's efforts on the issue which he resolves with research in the National Archives in Yaounde.
But somewhere along the line the chalice has been poisoned and Zuma retains the chieftaincy of a politically weakening party and national economy with deepening woes.
The historical truth in the Mediterranean Sea world in the period between the emergence of Rome and achieving its chieftaincy on one hand, and the emergence of Islam and its prevalence on the other hand on the other hand.
On a platform at the hub of half-circle of Indians the Prince listened to the addresses and accepted the Chieftaincy of the Stoney tribe.
Phillips, "he is at the same time claiming a complex of interdependent possessions: crests, names, titles of chieftaincy, rights to dwell in a certain house, stories, songs, dances, and visual images, as well as rights to certain lands, fishing areas, and hunting grounds.