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Modern institutions supplanted traditional chieftaincies as governing entities in many African countries, especially following independence.
Zondi paradoxically situates this black nationalistic ideal against the background of some sensitive Shakan practices: of conquering the smaller surrounding chieftaincies (p.
King Mswati's brother, Prince Bhekimpi Dlamini, and other chiefs have forbidden women to wear trousers and miniskirts in their chieftaincies.
Those who were successful negotiated a position for themselves with local rulers, acquiring women, slaves, cattle, land on which to settle, and a privileged position within African chieftaincies as 'strangers' and traders.
The rumours were triggered by a series of protests against the evictions on 14 October of residents of two chieftaincies who refused to be ruled by the King's brother, Prince Maguga Dlamini.
The history of these Ruhela chieftaincies has hitherto been quite obscure.
The insurgency in Balochistan has arguably not as much to do with the Baloch genuine grouse as with the lust for power and money of its chieftaincies.
Some communities established chieftaincies in order to negotiate with others who already used the system.