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Synonyms for chieftain

one who is highest in rank or authority

Synonyms for chieftain

the leader of a group of people


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the head of a tribe or clan

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There is an interesting parallel between the changing position of the Black Local Authorities in the administration of the townships and the dismantling of chieftaincies during the 1980s.
As we have seen, many chieftaincies were indeed created with the introduction of the Bantustan authorities.
This reviewer often wondered which sources originate from within the Ruhela chieftaincies and which are products of authors writing under the patronage of the enemies and successors of the Ruhelas.
The narrative in The Ruhela Chieftaincies is clearly a work of considerable energy and scholarship.
The rise of the modern state has affected chieftaincies, with the emergence of the citizen who does not necessarily have allegiances to a TL.
However, chieftaincies will die if internal squabbling occurs during the appointment of new members.
What difference does it make when it is said at an international court that Abyei Area belongs to the Nine Ngok Dinka Chieftaincies when it was already known at the traditional local courts that the Area belonged to them, given the history of their ancestors and how they became the best brothers and sisters to the nomadic Misseriya Arab tribe in that bridging territory between the North and South of the Sudan?
But Lawsons discussions of elite appeals to "timeless" tradition, even as an explanation for changing over to universal suffrage in order to preserve customary chieftaincies in Western Samoa, are cogent.
It is not to keep pampering the hereditary chieftaincies but giving a massive pushup to ordinary Baloch folks.
And if the centre has been unjust to the Balochs, haven't the chieftaincies too?
Even if the hierarchs somehow establish contact with the TTP chieftaincies and bowing to their diktats strike a peace deal with them, the deal would certainly neither hold nor abided by all the gangs.