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Synonyms for chief

Synonyms for chief

one who is highest in rank or authority

a professional politician who controls a party or political machine


having or exercising authority

Synonyms for chief

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The important earlier themes of patronage and the rejection of state formation theory are somewhat abandoned as Pfoh embraces the anthropological model of peer-polity relations, an argument usually related to the organization of chiefdoms and early state relations.
There are other problems: were the Qwabe unique or was theirs a model for other chiefdoms who "became" Zulu?
A chiefdom is "an autonomous political unit comprising a number of villages or communities under the permanent control of a paramount chief.
This chronological position is important as it denotes the construction as occurring during the demise of the Moundville chiefdom.
Knights of Spain, Warriors of the Sun: Hernando de Soto and the South's Ancient Chiefdoms, by Charles Hudson.
Instead of pushing the communities apart in traditional Stone Age fashion, these wars forged the emergence of the chiefdom, a forced coalition of several formerly independent villages under the control of a paramount chief.
Included in the schedules to the Mining Licence are lease agreements which have been entered into with the Nimikoro and Nimiyama chiefdoms, parts of which chiefdom areas lie within the Mining Licence area.
But the local communities in the Malen Chiefdom where it is situated have blamed it of invasive on their lands and being unsuccessful to meet several promises made to communities.
Speaking on behalf of Chiefdom, Momodu Kamara said " the Chiefdom is grateful for AMR Gold ' s support.
In the fourteenth century AD, a powerful chiefdom under the paramount Tu'i Tonga line united the islands of Tonga under a centralised authority and, according to tradition, extended its influence to neighbouring island groups in the Central Pacific (Kirch 1984; Geraghty 1994; Neich 2006).
SARAJEVO, Oct 19 (KUNA) -- The Islamic Chiefdom in Bosnia and Herzegovina called on Sunday on Serbian authorities to protect Muslim citizens and their properties after a spate of attacks on Albanian-owned businesses linked to the political provocation seen at the recent football match between Serbia and Albania.
During the visit, the delegation of Majlis Al-Shura has met with President of Scholars and Mufti of Islamic chiefdom in Bosnia and Herzegovina Hussein Kauzawvic and a number of Bosnian officials.
In a revision of her doctoral dissertation in Latin American archaeology at the University of Pittsburgh, Cuellar examines the emergence of chiefdom societies with special emphasis on their economic organization.
45) The fiction, then, is that a single node of authority existed within any given chiefdom.
On the evening of the 28th June 1875, at the start of the return leg of his collector's journey to the interior of Viti Levu island, the Baron Anatole von Htigel arrived in the large chiefdom of Serea (Roth and Hooper 1990:39ff.