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Synonyms for chief

Synonyms for chief

one who is highest in rank or authority

a professional politician who controls a party or political machine


having or exercising authority

Synonyms for chief

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Number of expected and reported stillbirths and deaths among children aged <5 years, by year--Bombali Sebora chiefdom, Bombali District, Sierra Leone, January 2015-November 2016 Total deaths Reported and among expected children aged deaths Stillbirths <5 years Jan-Dec 2015 Reported * 91 606 Expected ([dagger]) 145 662 Ratio (reported/ 0.
Without insights into Moorosi's intentions and the inner workings of his chiefdom, we may never know if or how these raids were of a different character than those that predated Wittebergen.
Much of the scholarship that focuses on early Indians in Virginia tends to center almost solely on the Algonquian-speaking Powhatan chiefdom at the expense of the area's Iroquoian- and Siouan-speaking groups as well as various Algonquian groups that swore little or no allegiance to Powhatan.
The two most important symbols of authority and culture in African chiefdoms and kingdoms are the royal stool and the cup.
Upright stones/wooden poles, as features on their tuahu/pouahu have been described in New Zealand, which according to Goldman was a traditional chiefdom.
While some researchers have made creative use of the general model and the chiefdom concept, looking to explain empirically observed phenomena, others display an uncritical dependence on Roosevelt's formulations, thereby perpetuating a lack of understanding concerning the nature of chiefdoms and political power in Amazonia.
Knights of Spain, Warriors of the Sun: Hernando de Soto and the South's Ancient Chiefdoms, by Charles Hudson.
With the city of Tahlequah as its capital, the nation is a democracy with three branches of government - the Chiefdom, the Tribal Council, and the Judicial Appeals Tribunal - that perform roughly the same functions as the U.
He focuses on the development of royal officials, royal building programmes, judicial and cult organization, and economic and political structures, concluding that earlier periods ought to be described as various stages of development from stratified society and chiefdom to state formation.
The first phase of chiefdom formation was brought to an end by the 1720s drought.
Instead of pushing the communities apart in traditional Stone Age fashion, these wars forged the emergence of the chiefdom, a forced coalition of several formerly independent villages under the control of a paramount chief.
Included in the schedules to the Mining Licence are lease agreements which have been entered into with the Nimikoro and Nimiyama chiefdoms, parts of which chiefdom areas lie within the Mining Licence area.
The Asholio youths of Moro'a Chiefdom, Kaura Local Government Area of Kaduna State have resolved to establish study centres where their languages will be taught for the younger generation in order to prevent it from extinction.
He told a press conference in Juba on Monday that Abyei, the land of nine Ngok Dinka chiefdom as a South Sudanese land.
Each chiefdom is further divided into sections and then into villages.