chief petty officer

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Father-of-two Chief Petty Officer Peake said: "It has been an absolutely brilliant career so far, a real eye-opener.
Chief Petty Officer Pete McCarrick, from Billingham, who was awarded the MBE in the New Year's Honours List
This is the first time I have had a ship in the North East, it's nice to sail up the Tyne Chief Petty Officer Tilley
Earning the right to wear the gold anchors is not easy, and the process of becoming a chief petty officer is a long and difficult Road--and is arguably the greatest achievement a Sailor can achieve.
The Navy's enlisted advancement exams are developed by a panel of chief petty officers from each rating who serve as fleet subject matter experts (FSME).
TROOPING THE COLOUR: Phil Jagielka (left) and Jack Rodwell (right) present servicemen,Warrant officer Mark Vose (army), Chief technician Bobby Barrow (RAF) and Chief Petty officer Geoff Jones (Royal Navy) with their tickets.
Biscotti served in the Air Force for fours years, and then sixteen years in the Navy where he retired as a Chief Petty Officer.
Stan James hopefully avoided too much damage as the race had been sponsored by the family of their senior horseracing trader Jon Ireson in honour of his father, a chief petty officer in the Royal Navy for 22 years before working for the MOD for a further 22 years.
A US military spokesperson, Chief Petty Officer Brian Naranjo, confirmed the soldier killed in the IED strike was from America.
One of my toughest challenges as safety leading chief petty officer is to combat complacency.
Petty Officer 1st Class Meredith Burns, Petty Officer 2nd Class Nicholas Wiltgen, Chief Petty Officer Diana Shores, Petty Officer 2nd Class Kevin Morehouse, Petty Officer 1st Class George Juaristic, Chief Warrant Officer Bruce Jones, Chief Petty Officer Charles Carroll, and Petty Officer 1st Class Faith Matuschek received Army Achievement Medals.
Chief Petty Officer Philip Coates, 30, was sentenced to five years and dismissed in disgrace after a court martial.
Chief Petty Officer Phillip Coates was also dismissed from the service, demoted and deprived of good conduct badges by the court martial panel at HMS Nelson, Portsmouth Naval Base, Hampshire.
AIRSpeed actually started on the naval air side of the house in shore facilities," said Chief Aviation Electronics Technician (AW/SW) James Prince, AIRSpeed leading chief petty officer.