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the judge who presides over a supreme court

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When he returned it was by another of the many closed doors, and he found me awaiting him, hat in hand.
At the bottom was a short corridor with a closed door at the end.
Neither spoke, yet both knew before they opened the closed door what they would find beyond.
From the far side of the house through the closed doors came the sound of difficult passages- twenty times repeated- of a sonata by Dussek.
His eyes rested on the closed door for some seconds unwaveringly, but, by degrees, the look of expectation died out of them, and, with a sigh, he listened to the music.
It was at the moment that Tarzan turned from the closed door to pursue his way to the outer world.
Looking that way, I necessarily looked also toward the door that ran in grooves--the imperfectly closed door through which I heard Major Fitz-David question his servant on the subject of my personal appearance when I first entered the house.
He remembered all the streets--the well-to-do streets he had passed on his way home; all the innumerable houses with closed doors and curtained windows.
Wragge (lulled by the narcotic influence of annotating circulars, and eating and drinking with an appetite sharpened by the captain's absence) withdrew to an arm-chair, and fell asleep in an attitude which would have caused her husband the acutest mental suffering; seven o'clock struck; the shadows of the summer evening lengthened stealthily on the gray pavement and the brown house-walls -- and still the closed door opposite remained shut; still the one window open showed nothing but the black blank of the room inside, lifeless and changeless as if that room had been a tomb.
said Raoul, with his back against the closed door, in a quivering voice.
The lady soon stopped before a closed door, at which she knocked.
He travelled on most of the day, so that it was quite late when he reached the castle, and to his great disappointment found nothing but closed doors and no smoke rising from the chimneys.
Fouquet quickly restored a little order to everything that might have revealed either his absence or his agitation: he spread his papers over the desk, took up a pen, and, to gain time, said, through the closed door, -- "Who is there?
Without a word he turned and we followed the officer once again to the closed doors before the audience chamber of Issus, Goddess of Life Eternal.
Then the old man rose from the table, shaking his fist at the closed door.
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