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the most helpful assistant

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She served as assistant general counsel through 2012 before becoming chief assistant general counsel in 2013.
Instead, the police, impressed by Bak's sleuthing ability, recruit him as their chief assistant in the expanding criminal investigation.
In the period January 2001 a December 2004 he worked as Chief Assistant Professor in the Finance Department of the University of National and World Economy (UNWE), Sofia, and from February 1997 to December 2000 - as Assistant Professor in the Economics Department of the same University.
The bodies of the nine victims, aged between 8 and 17, have been retrieved, Kajang district police chief Assistant Commissioner Abdul Rashid Abdul Wahab told Kyodo News.
This woman victimised a young girl and needed to be punished for her actions," the Sydney Morning Herald quoted Chief Assistant Prosecutor Bruce McGary as saying in a statement.
That includes fascinating memoranda between Reginald Mitchell, Spitfire's designer, and his chief assistant Harold Payn, which showed how the two men swapped comment and criticism to help develop simple solutions to design problems.
Norzani Mahmood, Chief Assistant Engineer, KETHA Malaysia said, "This conference is a good platform to gather info and learn lessons from tunnel players around the region.
Designed by DeKalb County Chief Assistant District Attorney Don Geary and DeKalb County Assistant District Attorney Matt McCoyd, the program was created to provide an opportunity for associates who have been deferred by their firms.
TUNIS, March 2, 2010 (TAP) - Ways to boost co-operation and partnership between Tunisia and Egypt were the focal point of a working session held on Tuesday morning, between Transport Minister Abderrahim Zouari and Egyptian Tourism Minister's Chief Assistant Hichem Zaazou.
Chief Assistant District Attorney Nicki Patterson said Johnson and Turner were married but didn't tell anyone.
With Roach finalising preparations for Pacquiao's clash with Oscar De La Hoya, his chief assistant Jesse Arevalo will lead Khan's corner.
Melanie Vargas makes her fourth appearance in this novel, this time as the chief assistant in her role as an U.
Jim" Donelon, a Republican and the chief assistant to former Insurance Commissioner Robert Wooley, narrowly retained his seat in the September special statewide election.
Chief assistant state attorney Ted Booras said he had never heard of anyone prosecuted for child abuse over speeding before but said this case, because of the speed involved, merited the charge.
In his absence, his chief assistant Scott Blasi will assume responsibility for the far-flung operation, writes Dan Farley.
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