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Synonyms for chief

Synonyms for chief

one who is highest in rank or authority

a professional politician who controls a party or political machine


having or exercising authority

Synonyms for chief

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Outlying households might have some sense that one chief might be greater than another, but this recognition operated largely symbolically.
Nunzio Del Greco, RCE, BMAR Chief Executive Officer; Jackie Kyle Kall, Port of Kall Realty Ltd.
president and chief operating officer, The Kamber Group, Washington, D.
The chief librarian has a role to play in the university at large, as well as in the profession and in the community, and analysis of one's strengths in this domain is essential.
will become chief executive officer of HC Benefits, succeeding Kelbel.
In point of fact, the leading opinion in Morgentaler, with which Lamer concurred, was that of then Chief Justice Brian Dickson.
At the end of the 3-year grant period, the California Office of Traffic Safety determined that the Chief Operator program had met its objectives and declared it a success.
The lack of pay is probably why many perceive the chief of staff position to be an honorary position, especially in hospitals where there is a paid physician executive.
Under Goldwater-Nichols, his chief military advisor had been transformed from peripheral to pivotal--at least after the decision to deploy.
President and Chief Executive Officer, Lehigh Valley Hospital and Health Network - "Establishing a Successful Management Team";
The tough-talking, wise-cracking former chief of police was a Democrat-turned-Republican who loved to cook and collect art.
Wayne Passmore, Assistant Director and Chief, promoted to assistant director with line responsibility for the Household and Real Estate Finance Section
Scott, 62, who will retire as Chief Executive Officer at the end of the year.
He served as chairman and chief executive officer of the firm from 1995 to 1998.