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Chided earlier this season for his flappable nature in tight spots, he yielded eight hits and three walks to the Orioles, who lost for the 16th time in 18 games.
Donnelly chided Chicago White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen two weeks ago for complaining to umpires that he was licking his lips while on the mound, earning two ball calls for a minor rules violation that Donnelly perceived as petty gamesmanship.
With four children making the puppet move, volunteer teacher Addie Dugger taught the class about bringing the inanimate object to life, and chided the children for giving the puppet poor posture.
You shouldn't have a 13 on your jacket, it should be a 1,'' the superintendent chided, shaking the hand of 9-year old Logan Hall.
Even Democrats who had chided Schwarzenegger for not yet making good on his campaign promise to become the ``Collectinator'' of federal funds, called the meeting productive.
Also, he took Hertzberg to task for a proposal floated in 2002 to void the election by developing a borough system and chided Alarcon for considering a run for mayor of a new Valley city.
During the 2002 secession campaign, activists chided city officials for not reopening the pool.
Robin Williams, though, handing out the animated feature trophy, chided Disney: If the company loses Pixar, he said, ``All you're going to have is a Muppet and a water slide,'' referring to the company's recent acquisition of the Muppets franchise.
And when Shriver chided legislators for behaving like ``children'' in need of ``a time out,'' it was Nancy Reagan who came to mind.
To applause, Angelides chided Schwarzenegger for stumping across the state to build support for his plan, which he hopes the Legislature will place on the March 2 ballot.
Jose Manuel Barroso, the president of the European Commission, has chided leaders of the eurozone for dragging their feet on reforms.
human rights official chided China Thursday for failing to arrest Sudanese President Omar Hassan al-Bashir on an international warrant for alleged war crimes when he visited Beijing this week.
President Obama chided Republicans for preventing the bill from coming up for a vote.
Northlake resident Mark Allan chided the city for attempting to cherry-pick a Valencia Commerce Center annexation.
She had been very close to her younger sister before leaving, but when she came back, she chided her sister for being selfish," Koverman says, explaining that this veteran felt guilty on behalf of all American youths for their wealth and comfort.