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Naomi - The "Naomi" bag exudes an exotic chicness available in a beautiful vegan leather or faux python.
While the UAE were able to dominate for periods of the first half thanks to their superior ball retention, Qatar weren't without their chicness and Hassan Haydos sent a shock through the Emirati side when his volley-on-the-turn missed the post by a whisker as Qatar went into the half on top.
On the other hand, possibly because of its chicness or "sex appeal," diaspora has successfully become a part of everyday discourse in both home countries and host societies.
There's also gourmet coffee and artisanal chocolates at Nutmeg, drinks-with-the-girls chicness at Tranquebar and an old-fashioned jukebox to accompany the world cuisine at Cafe Mercara.
Bonifacio: French chicness and Napoleonic history are all crammed into this one medieval Corsican town, perched precariously on the edges of stunningly steep, limestone cliffs.
Not only is she Italian - and therefore radiates an unattainable chicness - she's an heiress to the world-renowned Missoni fashion empire, the brand's ambassador and talented accessories designer.
Also, I always dress as I want, from my tomboy edge to my chicness.
Call me shallow, but I love the glamour of Cannes, the chicness of Nice and the sheer ridiculous fantasy that is Monte Carlo.
Call me shallow but I love the glamour of Cannes, the chicness of Nice and the sheer ridiculous fantasy that is Monte Carlo.
Her precocious chicness, preternatural sense of self, and being-a-teenage-fashion-blogger cannot help but remind one of Tavi Gevinson, who is all of the above except three years younger and without name-dropping the Slovenian philosopher Slavoj A1/2iA3/4ek (count me on Team Tavi).
Well made and well finished, his creations exuded chicness in western formats.
She told me at the Look magazine show: "The British girl has such an awesome edge to her and she has the chicness of that cool factor.
If I can't keep a pedicure neat in my pointe shoes, I have to add some level of chicness somehow.
In food we have restaurants popping up where the chicness is in the small portions, such as Minnies in Chicago, which serves up tiny "Minnieburger" sandwiches with airline-size bottles of liquor.
There was a modern 'open fire' burning downstairs, which added to the cosy chicness of the place.