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Call me shallow, but I love the glamour of Cannes, the chicness of Nice and the sheer ridiculous fantasy that is Monte Carlo.
Call me shallow but I love the glamour of Cannes, the chicness of Nice and the sheer ridiculous fantasy that is Monte Carlo.
She told me at the Look magazine show: "The British girl has such an awesome edge to her and she has the chicness of that cool factor.
If I can't keep a pedicure neat in my pointe shoes, I have to add some level of chicness somehow.
In food we have restaurants popping up where the chicness is in the small portions, such as Minnies in Chicago, which serves up tiny "Minnieburger" sandwiches with airline-size bottles of liquor.
There was a modern 'open fire' burning downstairs, which added to the cosy chicness of the place.
While the low lighting of the interior adds to its chicness, it serves quite another purpose on the terrace u a more laid-back atmosphere.
As if to add to the burden of living up to the mantle of chicness and good taste that was thrust upon her, Preity also found herself dating Ness Wadia, with his own background of South Bombay old money refinement and snooty mother.
Later my students took me around Old Havana, its colonial chicness restored, and the bars where the Ernest Heming ways of this world sank their pre-dinner daiquiris beneath signs of swirling neon at El Floridita or the Bodeguita.
My aim has been to add modernity, freshness and a certain chicness to the range.
Those flowing lines could only be Italian, and the decor, improved further in last year's makeover, has that Via Veneto chicness stamp.
All proper desk dictionaries show adverb chicly and noun chicness, but only brand-new American Heritage 4 displays awkward adjectives chicer and chicest.
SoHo's cast-iron buildings have been preserved, but everything else in the area has changed, particularly the chicness that exudes through the windows of the high fashion boutiques.
Editors initially planned to pose Crawford in a gown to show ``the utter chicness of being pregnant.