chickpea plant

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Asiatic herb cultivated for its short pods with one or two edible seeds

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The sensitivity to salt stress of chickpea plants assayed here, most of cultivares accumulated Na mainly in the roots ensuring a limited Na toxicity in the shoots as has been reported by Rogers et al.
NaCl also altered the nutritional balance of chickpea plants.
A significant interaction occurred between salinity on Na accumulation in chickpea plants with increasing salt stress.
Symbiotic development between mycorrhizal fungi and chickpea plants seemed to be strengthened in stressed environment after the establishment of association indicating ecological importance of AM for plant survival and growth of plants under stress [41,45,1].
significantly increased in the leaves of chickpea plants in the presence of NaCl stress (Table 2, 3).
ROS induced peroxidation of membrane lipids was considerably lowered by mycorrhizal colonization when compared with uncolonized chickpea plants, especially in PBG 5.
Physiological Effects of Drought Stress due to polyethylene glycol content of proline and protein on Germination of chickpea plants in the seedling stage.