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a trifling sum of money

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But to the European Central Bank which oversees the currency it is seriously chickenfeed.
Men who stayed out late socialising and had to get home quickly told companions it was because, otherwise "I'll be chickenfeed.
Price of chickenfeed has gone up in the international market because of climatic upheavals in the United States, South America and the Black Sea area," the official said.
That's not chickenfeed, though much of the menhaden harvest goes into that product.
But by modern standards of disk size, that is still chickenfeed.
Chichi champions CHICHICASTENANGO may have been a dual Group 1 winner but he retired to stud in France at a chickenfeed fee and produced just 36 horses in his first crop and 27 in his second crop, breeders perhaps put off by his uncommercial pedigree: he was by Smadoun, best known for his top jumpers such as Blue Bresil and Nacarat, and out of a minor winner by Antheus.
Au80 million is chickenfeed in the great scheme of things.
Shortley, her employee, prepare for the arrival of the DPs, they adorn the windows of a small shack with curtains fashioned from red and green chickenfeed sacks.
You can call 'fowl' and claim it's only chickenfeed, or a poultry sum, or suggest the board will be hen-pecked by the owners, or even that it is a bird-brained idea to go to Ewood, but I implore the clubs of Yorkshire to start making a stand now and show your worth - or even the Lancastrians might even stop bothering to laugh at you
To be sure, the venture will be no chickenfeed for Venky's.
They were hit with a pounds 20,000 fine which is chickenfeed in modern sport, but at least was in line with previous punishments for having too many players on the field.
Heavily produced, the series has some ratings potential by CW's chickenfeed standards but doesn't feel distinctive or titillating enough to keep 'em down on the farm.
NAIVE, misguided and/or stupid (It's Just Chickenfeed, 19.
That may sound a lot to you and me, but it is absolute chickenfeed to a country that regularly wastes pounds 20bn a time on failed computerisation schemes or spends pounds 1bn a week on a so-called war, devastating an unhappy faraway country.
You should always PONY UP (pay what you owe) even if it's only CHICKENFEED.